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  1. If anyone remembers, Marvel sued NCSoft for Copyright Infringement. They almost won a few of their points, until they settled out of court. Marvel was fairly well known for their Trademark and Copyright defense. As a note, Marvel tried -unsuccessfully - to copyright the word Nazi, and they and DC also own the word SuperHero (though that is a very limited and specific use). Just to show, they opened with the concept that since NCSoft doesn't own any comic book characters, obviously they are using Marvel's. They followed up with some screen shots of a large green brutish guy with a 4 letter
  2. Here's my 2 Inf: Part of what I think is a problem is the sheer amount of the same items that are on the market. For example, when purchasing some random common salvage piece, I'll see 14,584,156,009 for sale. If this is even close to accurate, then it would make sense that this many of 1 item (times the number of common salvage items) would have some detrimental effect on the database. Plus, there's no way that many would sell. Would it be possible, feasible, or even a half-ass idea to put a time limit on selling items? Something like an item would have 14 days on the market,
  3. Maybe the Rikti like to dance? Maybe the Rikti like to dance with The Doctor? Who knows - maybe they are David Bowie fans
  4. VileTerror!! Are you giving out ludicrous amounts of Influence again? TO NEW PLAYERS even!! Well Done and Thank you! You are making a difference in these peoples lives.
  5. Greycat - we're good, and I greatly enjoy reading your posts - so keep it up. ------ Next stupid question - We have the most powerful beings in the City - yet: --I am getting pushed around by careless civilians who don't have the common courtesy to be talking on their cell phone while not paying attention. --I cannot kick or move a simple cardboard box --I cannot run through the bushes
  6. If you have ever beat up on the Ghouls in Praetoria, you would be familiar with their Death Dance. It's not uncommon for them to go down as a result of some attack with knockback (0 hit points, 0 endurance) - watch them get up for a couple seconds, then go into their pain-filled Death Dance. And they don't look like they came apart at the seams. I mean, it's a cool concept that they have this green healing aura that goes off when they are defeated (thus the knockback so they don't heal their buddies), can't we get all the baddies on the Blue side to die normally? I a
  7. Another shot at a Stupid Question (the 1st one wasn't stupid, BTW) Why do all the unfortunate defeated mobs look like someone cut their rubber bands when they die? They drop in the most unnatural ways, with body parts spinning in circles, eventually stopping in positions that look like every joint has been disassembled.
  8. You could always get an external Monitor and just use that one. It would more than likely be larger, and cheaper than a laptop. Try pinching the frame around the screen - I've seen that work sometimes.
  9. A little NitroGlycerin under the tongue my help relieve that tight chest issue. Just sayin....
  10. But speculation is SO much fun! We all have our opinions and hopes - and this is a place to air them. So, please continue to discuss. Some of us are interested in reading what you have to say. (My Sarcasm toggle has NOT been activated yet) By the way, you are encouraged to throw things - tantrums included. And yell to your heart's content - just keep the civility flowing from your fingers.
  11. Player2 - It maybe be we need to agree to disagree. Thank you for your arguments - Thank you for letting me see another point of view. You have a good idea and good reasoning. I just don't think it's necessary - or feasible. But, luckily, I'm not making the decisions. And I'm glad for that, because I don't see the big picture.
  12. Been told I'm smarter than the average bear. 🐻
  13. I assume you are talking about LIBRARY By the way - 'lieberry' - as you spelled it, also has 2 r's. We must remember - the R's are separated - Li -brare -ee Which, by the way, are almost a thing of the past - sadly - and therefore a temporary word crime.
  14. I also disagree with having duplicate names. --Last I checked, Marvel didn't have any characters named SuperMan, or Wonder Woman. In fact, they keep updating Captain Marvel so they can keep that name. DC also doesn't have any Spider-Men, or Hulks. But actually, it doesn't matter. Coming up with unique names isn't hard. A random Name Generator (like what Star Wars The Old Republic has) [oh, how I HATE comparing games!] might be helpful. The name may not be unique, but it could give a kickstart to a unique name. There are a few threads on this forum about
  15. I found this: ------------ What is this name release policy I've heard about? Is it in effect yet? The name release policy is not in effect yet. Here's how it'll work once it is enabled: Characters will be flagged as ‘inactive’ when the following time thresholds are met: Level 1-5 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 30 days Level 6-20 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 90 days Level 21-49 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been playe
  16. My vote is a NO. Resounding NO. Do I need to use colorful metaphors for emphasis? Emoji's have a place in this world - but not here. It doesn't improve any game experience, nor does it improve any communications. I don't want to hear some crap about the devs limiting someone's options. They don't have to provide this. Do we need another reference to Weird Al's Word Crimes video?
  17. I would also like to thank the Devs for their work. I am grateful beyond words for CoX being back. I know this is a no-pay job - but I certainly don't want it to be thankless. Just a note, Every now and again (I think it was Novembers) , my son and I would stop playing whatever games we were playing and would talk about and remember CoX Live around the day the lights got switched off - kind of a memorial. We both enjoyed it alot. It was the one game we found that we could enjoy together. Eventually, we would play MineCraft together, but it was a very poor replacement.
  18. People who say "To be honest", or "Honestly". Does this mean you haven't been honest up to now? This goes through my head every time I hear and see it. It's quite distracting. And people tend to get put off when you mention it! If only they would listen to what they say...
  19. I don't have LorePets, so I may not be making sense here... Would it be possible to use a version of the Character Creator to design their appearance? They would have a specific/limited/unique set of costume parts. I'm not sure this would work (I know - I'm adding to the Dev's workload), but I wanted to throw this out there for thoughts
  20. And it's still down... Perhaps you were a bit too savage
  21. It's a Dead Parrot! He's bought the farm- Pushing up daisies- Singing with the Choir Invisible- Kicked the bucket- Gone to meet his maker- AN EX_PARROT!!
  22. I have a TW tank, and, yes, it's slow getting the momentum up. And if you miss on the 1st swing, it tends to take a bit longer to get it going. Titan Weapons have been well commented on for being over powered elsewhere in the forums, so a nerf is not unexpected. I look at it like I NEVER get the 1st shot in - EVER. But once I get started, the high damage starts to balance the slow startup. Is it frustrating? Yes. Is it Endurance hungry? Oh, yes, but I can slot that problem to manageableness. I find that I can't do individual attacks here - I have t
  23. How about a wooden parrot that sits on the shoulder? Or Stainless Steel? Or even a dead parrot in a cage - ala Monty Python
  24. CrackBerry? I still have a working Palm Pilot With the original Stylus and charging dock. Those were the days...
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