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  1. I would love to be able to rename my powers. If only visible to me. Anyway, I tend to think of my Geyser as my Forced Water Enema. ->No Strain, No Pain: Just let it drain
  2. I wonder if I could get away with requiring 1M inf for providing the opportunity to Street Sweep Council and 5th Column in Independence Port...
  3. I hated it then. And I still do. I've had to do the Independence Port Circle a few times. Other than getting the guided tour, I consider it a waste of time. Of course, It's particularly annoying when my 2 active contacts want me to go street sweeping in Eden for Devouring Earth - the exact same mission. Wish I could do it once and have both of them be satisfied. ---------- Have I mentioned how much I love this game? --I'm online daily (I'm a Torchy) --I'm in the forums on weekdays offering my 2 cents (adjusted for inflation) --Having a great tim
  4. Back in the Live days, Marvel did sue NCSoft for infringement. It actually turned into several lawsuits. I think 1 stuck while the others failed (Marvel had created an account, then created a big green character with purple pants, then took pictures to show the infraction. Once it was found they had violated their own copyright, those parts were dropped and their case was severely weakened). Anyway, the HC team is probably doing everything they can to keep off the radar. These points are well mentioned/documented elsewhere in the forums, and have been discussed adnausium.
  5. I've noticed the same thing. When looking at randomized costumes, the majority of the costumes show animal heads and legs. Sometimes it would be nice to lock in parts, or colors, or eliminate certain types of parts (animal heads, or full helmets, etc.) I would like to have the random costume generator when talking to ICON or a trainer also. So, in other words, I agree, with a bit more.
  6. Have you tried \bind CRTL+F "follow" ? It might help with those spoil-sports who can't lay a finger on you.
  7. I actually have the 4 DVD set to Farscape, with commentaries. Along with a 10th anniversary t-shirt. I loved that show.
  8. I'm still waiting for this thread to devolve into: discussion of Star Wars discussion of Babylon 5 calls to nerf Regen complaints about farming complaints about Knockback bitching about power creep pleas to add more power creep Any takers?
  9. Welcome Home, bigj723! I don't think we ever met, but that doesn't matter. In case you haven't been explored yet, there are lots of changes since the Live days. Take some time and read the Update notes to see what's new. Have fun, and play! You get 1000 character slots per shard, so create characters to your hearts content. And maybe even beyond.
  10. Jeez!! Cut the guy some slack! We are not all experts here. Sometimes we don't know all the ins and outs of everything. Especially all the new stuff from the last update. Go ahead - be done. Maybe he can get some help, or edification, instead of attitude. As for Public Bases, check this out: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Supergroup_Base There are several per shard, with passcodes. Hopefully, this is helpful.
  11. You may want to be a little cautious in what you're offering, Twisted. Emmy may enjoy a spanking a little too much, which would them be a violation of the Terms of Abuse. Just sayin...
  12. New Plants Power - Leaves of Confusion: Cat Edition. An area of effect Catnip Plant that incapacitates anyone with a feline appearance.
  13. Try copious amounts of alcohol first. Enough where you can't see straight. Then create your Corruptor. It may suck (no pun intended), but you won't care.
  14. Same thing happened to me! Except is was in front of my house - And I wasn't so much as pushed half a block, but ran over and dragged half a block Do you know how HARD it is to get transmission grease out of your pants? Ruined my whole day! ...stupid trucks
  15. Ya know, I have wondered why we were saving the lawyers from the Devouring Earth. And when you save one, they always say "They were going to change us!". I'm not so sure that it would be so bad. Or different. I mean, yeah, they would look different. I don't think they would start looking like, say, oh, sharks, or piranhas, or some other predator. But I would think their behavior would be the same. And didn't Shakespeare have something to say about this situation?
  16. Hmmm...something isn't happy here. Not sure what is triggering this error. Perhaps there was a bad download and the file was corrupted. Perhaps uninstalling the app again, then delete the directory it was in. Download it again from the source into a different directory. Have McAfee do a virus check on the file just in case. Then see if it runs. You may have to tweak McAfee again.
  17. This one's going off the deep end...and I'm not going there
  18. I agree with golstat2003. You should also be able to exempt directories from being scanned. I'm not sure this is the best idea, though, as malware can hang out in there. And I'm not sure if McAfee offers an immunization function, like MalWareBytes does (which I suggest people use in addition of their favorite virus scanner, and it's free). Also, make sure you have the latest definitions - but I think McAfee does this automatically. That being said, I need to take a step back. Is McAfee calling the download a virus (active scanning), or the file on the hard disk a virus (passiv
  19. Maybe I wasn't clear, and I apologize for that. What I meant was by touching the door or phone booth (if you can find one), your costume changes to one randomly selected from your current costumes, No consent needed. (that's what I meant by 'force'). No animation or emotes activated. You could, of course, change it back to another costume when ever you wanted. I just thought it would be an interesting, if not funny, effect. Then again, it is still a stupid question...
  20. While I'm definitely NOT one to offer advice on most topics, I will offer a suggestion on the 'I ain't got da moolah' issue. Check out the Yomo's Whizbang Potpourri Extravaganza of a Giveaway! Post. Yomo is a wonderful person who is trying to help any Noobs and not-so-Noobs who simply ask. Read through the opening post for instructions.
  21. Here's another: What if the restroom doors actually lead to your base! Or even opened a mini-instance to an appropriate restroom. Or if touching a bathroom door caused a costume change. It's too bad Phone Booths are gone - because I think it would have been cool to force a costume change upon touching one
  22. Being that BIGGUS DICKUS agreed with you, then said you were wrong - Perhaps some should 'learn something about the game' before speaking...
  23. Perhaps we need to have them sign a waiver clearing us from any damages as a result of their continued existence. Before saving them. Excuse me, Mr. Vahzilok Mortificator, I need to get a signature from your victim before bashing your head in. We'll be back momentarily...
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