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  1. Champion Drop Ship Challenge 2009 Hosted by The Stoned Templars
  2. For reference- Story Arc Updates Barracuda Strike Force Power of Black Scorpion (the power required to kill Reichsman) is now always granted to the team leader, regardless of Archetype Defenders now receive Power of Ghost Widow Masterminds now receive Power of Captain Mako Removed broken hospital in the first mission of the Barracuda SF which caused you to get stuck outside the map
  3. There is a lot to process here What difficulty are you running at? You can also turn off bosses solo so they get downgraded. Soloing the game doesn't mean being able to do it at the highest difficulty look further into the difficulty adjustments. How are you enhanced ? Keeping these updated goes a long way You can buy Inspirations from many areas, bases, hospitals, contacts, the RWZ, get ones that help you in the areas you might need like some break frees "SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUY,EARN,UNLOCK A PET OR SOMETHING " there are a lot that can be earned and bought in the g
  4. There is also the Brainstorm test server where you can very easily copy your character over and make any and all the adjustments for free and test until you're happy with it. All with the bonus of a plethora of pylons you desire and no player activity in the zone. No reason to spend time on making a new thing for people to test when they obviously are not using what's already available to them to begin with. That time is spent better elsewhere.
  5. It's a great thing , adds a need for more tactical play and what is that thing melee players always say to "squishies" when they come on here talking about the enemy CC giving them trouble oh yeah " bring Break Frees" . Your inspection tray is your personal support team. Just like you know some mobs have the potential to blind and you might bring a yellow, now certain mobs maybe you need a break free or two or target and take out and cc the member of the mob that is going to give you trouble. 2 mob groups maybe having to use a break free on
  6. Just got out of an SSB and the only travel running was sprint. I do have SS but I never run it in SSBs because of how often it gets suppressed off and on. Trained up still no ss on just sprint and it was bugged for me
  7. Raising the zone cap again won't matter for what you want as that means all the more raiders will pile in and more lag then already is made. So you'll still have the same issues that promoted you to make your post. I'm sure a mob with pitchforks and torches is coming soon at the mention of removing the zone MSR as that removes the way many power level their characters and will throw gatekeeping around frivolously as their reason why they it needs to stay.
  8. It's not pointless. There is a group on Everlasting that is running as close to issue 0 as they can. So you never know. Make an SG post a recruitment here and on the discord detailing what you're plan is and what you want. You may just end up surprised
  9. " Forming 5 player team looking for 3 level 50+'s and one under level sidekick for us to keep an eye on to run +4/8 PI non council only missions" When you make the team you set the conditions. Never know you may find a handful of others who enjoy the same thing as you and make some friends to do that type of play often with.
  10. One of the best things of CoX is you can create your own challenge. If you think it's too easy then do something to increase that. Make your own teams and cap at 5 people or less. You have that choice. Also if you are having trouble finding a challenge then try this post https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/26511-ae-801-incarnate-team-missions/?tab=comments#comment-330791
  11. 1st mission : the vigilante and rogue were sent to the atlas hospital when they respawned but that put outside the mission area with no way back in within the mission. Ouro'ing out and then using mission to to get back. ( Looks like this is how it is on Homecoming live too) Last mission: the leader got the Black Scorpion buff as intended. The mastermind did get Mako's buff and waa able to use it to sneak past but we're unable to interact with the controls. The Scrapper used the Mako buff and was able to interact
  12. Super Speed +Stealth io = full invisibility. Always has, you dont have to be moving for it to be either. No strings , just a ss +stealth io either slotted in ss or a sprint This is very very common and very easy
  13. They did always stack as they were two separate pools. Running SS+Sj was common for those i ran with often and myself
  14. Well the answer to your first point is in the patch notes Stealth radius increased to match the numbers Invisibility had before this patch PvE radius has increased from 36ft to 55ft
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