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  1. Raising the zone cap again won't matter for what you want as that means all the more raiders will pile in and more lag then already is made. So you'll still have the same issues that promoted you to make your post. I'm sure a mob with pitchforks and torches is coming soon at the mention of removing the zone MSR as that removes the way many power level their characters and will throw gatekeeping around frivolously as their reason why they it needs to stay.
  2. It's not pointless. There is a group on Everlasting that is running as close to issue 0 as they can. So you never know. Make an SG post a recruitment here and on the discord detailing what you're plan is and what you want. You may just end up surprised
  3. " Forming 5 player team looking for 3 level 50+'s and one under level sidekick for us to keep an eye on to run +4/8 PI non council only missions" When you make the team you set the conditions. Never know you may find a handful of others who enjoy the same thing as you and make some friends to do that type of play often with.
  4. One of the best things of CoX is you can create your own challenge. If you think it's too easy then do something to increase that. Make your own teams and cap at 5 people or less. You have that choice. Also if you are having trouble finding a challenge then try this post https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/26511-ae-801-incarnate-team-missions/?tab=comments#comment-330791
  5. 1st mission : the vigilante and rogue were sent to the atlas hospital when they respawned but that put outside the mission area with no way back in within the mission. Ouro'ing out and then using mission to to get back. ( Looks like this is how it is on Homecoming live too) Last mission: the leader got the Black Scorpion buff as intended. The mastermind did get Mako's buff and waa able to use it to sneak past but we're unable to interact with the controls. The Scrapper used the Mako buff and was able to interact
  6. Super Speed +Stealth io = full invisibility. Always has, you dont have to be moving for it to be either. No strings , just a ss +stealth io either slotted in ss or a sprint This is very very common and very easy
  7. They did always stack as they were two separate pools. Running SS+Sj was common for those i ran with often and myself
  8. Well the answer to your first point is in the patch notes Stealth radius increased to match the numbers Invisibility had before this patch PvE radius has increased from 36ft to 55ft
  9. Templarstone

    AV Killer?

    Mind/ fire and psy were soloing masters LRsfs long before Incarnates came around
  10. I've been playing Cold as long as one could have. Currently my main and namesake is a fire /cold Corr . Brutes , Tanks, Veats definitely get the most out of it , but so do Scrappers and Blasters ( with their shiny higher hp cap). Not everyone gets accolades on every character, and capping hp's isn't always easy with other priorities in IO sets. I'd like to see frostworks be made into Dull Pain ( max hp +heal) with the over being converted to Absorb. Until then Frostworks+Spirit Ward is absolutely amazing on everyone I'd also support it just becoming AoE giving ev
  11. Formerly @familystone on Champ Now @Templar Stone here
  12. Sorry I wasn't more specific but meant within in the STF since that's what we were talking about, that range and area def would cover it . Since the enemies use psi blast The Psi hole is still an outdated boogie man since resist is so easy to build up.
  13. Yes they could, the damage may be a bit low but the amount of debuffs makes up for that. Also there might be two tanks but they are SS tanks and can lay out plenty of damage. They'd just KO blow and footstomp to glory. Invuln can tank through a STF just fine , there is a reason it's such a classic build. I've solo tank LR without support other then my insp tray all before Incarnates with it. Invuln is strong against more then S/L and the " Mystical Psi hole" is a aged way of thought and has been since IOs. Since you said optimal io builds both invuln tanks would be soft capped or nea
  14. Member of Justice Corps. Deathly Amused -DM/SD Scrap. Holly Phoenix - Fire/emp Troller
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