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  1. My tank at saturation without Melee Hybrid but with Vigor 288.8 HP/s regen. At saturation without Vigor 245.2 HP/s regen Only 1 enemy and without Incarns. Regen at 79.86 HP/s
  2. If max survivability is the goal, here is my Bio Katana tank at 10 enemy saturation, Melee Defense Hybrid is running and Rebirth Radial is going, In Defense Adaption (tank mode) she has 3146 HP + 1874 Absorb Shield for effective HP of 5020. Base regen is 45.82 HP/S with Absorb on its 75.93 HP/s. She has two different ways to hit max regen of 327.72 HP/s. In Offense Adaption (dps mode) she has 2977 HP + 1764 Absorb for 4741. Regen is 43.36, 71.86 and 310.15 HP/s. This is what I run for almost everything. Bio has a larger Absorb Shield than Rad Armor (lo
  3. Ran with a team that had the Raid-Drop bug happen every event until the leader asked everyone to wait for everybody to load in first, before triggering any cut scenes. Once we did that, Raid-Drop stopped. BAF and Keyes were especially bad before that change.
  4. Toxics Grandville - West Ward. Pretty common to find things like the screen shot
  5. Lorraine @Lorraine 1531 - Since like Luna allowed the missed badges early this year. Rooke @Lorraine Brooke @Lorraine's Blaster Personal Bodyguard @Lorraine's Assistant Melonni @Lorraine's Tank Nightbreeze @Lorraine's Controller
  6. Temporarily, I have used the green CoT crystal as a light source, green ball of light and a shoji floor lamp, which is bright white. I pushed the objects into the salvage bins so as to hide them.
  7. Is there a light source that allows you to change the color of the light it produces? I would like a small light source that I can hide inside of other objects, but tint its light so as to mark similar items, salvage bins, along a long row of bins.
  8. The site is showing 1533 without Resurgent, making the new total 1534 but I can only account for 1531. What am I overlooking?
  9. Blue Ink Men Originally they appeared in Talos Island Safeguard and Siren's Call. Now, they also appear in Dark Astoria, which makes getting this badge a breeze. By the time you finish the DA arc, you should -easily- have this badge. Banisher Another super easy one. Unai's first mission is usually Close the Dimensional Portals. Its a BP map based on DA's graveyard. Have a tank/brute friend aggro 10 elders. Then sit back and pick off the masks that spawn. No need to kill the elders or reset the map. The elders will summon a mask every 60 - 90 s
  10. Was Lorraine , Empathy/Dark Blast or Saraya Martial Arts/Dark Armor Scrapper.
  11. Originally, I ran three tip missions as a Rogue. Received two tips. On the last mission, the last box spawned outside of the warehouse. Once I swapped back to Vigilante, two tips appeared. I wondered if running the Wedding mission would behave the same way (give a tip that wouldn't show up.) No it does not. No tip is awarded. (EDIT: The word "One" was actually supposed to be "On".)
  12. Hello, everyone! My character was a Vigilante and I swapped her to Rogue to try this. I finished three missions, each time the informational messages said I received a tip without a tip being listed. I swapped back to Vigilante and the three tips now showed up. I've had this behavior happen with tips before though. I assume its because my character has not stayed at the current alignment for 7 days. (EDIT: Left "not" out of 'has not'.)
  13. This is an amazing arc for Flashbacks and the Defeat 1,000 Longbow badge. Part 1 is endless level 2 Longbow while the player is level 7. Most attacks will one-shot the NPC.
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