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  1. Lorraine @Lorraine 1531 - Since like Luna allowed the missed badges early this year. Rooke @Lorraine Brooke @Lorraine's Blaster Personal Bodyguard @Lorraine's Assistant Melonni @Lorraine's Tank Nightbreeze @Lorraine's Controller
  2. Temporarily, I have used the green CoT crystal as a light source, green ball of light and a shoji floor lamp, which is bright white. I pushed the objects into the salvage bins so as to hide them.
  3. Is there a light source that allows you to change the color of the light it produces? I would like a small light source that I can hide inside of other objects, but tint its light so as to mark similar items, salvage bins, along a long row of bins.
  4. The site is showing 1533 without Resurgent, making the new total 1534 but I can only account for 1531. What am I overlooking?
  5. Blue Ink Men Originally they appeared in Talos Island Safeguard and Siren's Call. Now, they also appear in Dark Astoria, which makes getting this badge a breeze. By the time you finish the DA arc, you should -easily- have this badge. Banisher Another super easy one. Unai's first mission is usually Close the Dimensional Portals. Its a BP map based on DA's graveyard. Have a tank/brute friend aggro 10 elders. Then sit back and pick off the masks that spawn. No need to kill the elders or reset the map. The elders will summon a mask every 60 - 90 seconds. Just wait and pick them off as they are summoned.
  6. Was Lorraine , Empathy/Dark Blast or Saraya Martial Arts/Dark Armor Scrapper.
  7. Originally, I ran three tip missions as a Rogue. Received two tips. On the last mission, the last box spawned outside of the warehouse. Once I swapped back to Vigilante, two tips appeared. I wondered if running the Wedding mission would behave the same way (give a tip that wouldn't show up.) No it does not. No tip is awarded. (EDIT: The word "One" was actually supposed to be "On".)
  8. Hello, everyone! My character was a Vigilante and I swapped her to Rogue to try this. I finished three missions, each time the informational messages said I received a tip without a tip being listed. I swapped back to Vigilante and the three tips now showed up. I've had this behavior happen with tips before though. I assume its because my character has not stayed at the current alignment for 7 days. (EDIT: Left "not" out of 'has not'.)
  9. This is an amazing arc for Flashbacks and the Defeat 1,000 Longbow badge. Part 1 is endless level 2 Longbow while the player is level 7. Most attacks will one-shot the NPC.
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