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  1. Please note that charging Real World Money for anything ingame is a violation of our CoC (seen here, section 6 under Conduct Guidelines) and will result in a ban for the offending account(s).
  2. Champions Online obviously did this first, but the concept is a neat one. I've always liked the idea of having your nemesis grow in strength and power as you do! It's something neat to think about, at least.
  3. We have not, nor will we ever charge to play this game.
  4. Those would be removed as well, as they violate our CoC.
  5. This thread has derailed too much. I am locking it. If you want to discuss this, it needs to be done without anyone resorting to ad hominem. Please be civil to one another.
  6. Stay on topic or I will be removing the offending posts and warning the person going off topic.
  7. Please maintain civility, or I will maintain it for you.
  8. I will be monitoring this topic more closely. Any further...deviations like this and I will be purging replies again.
  9. If you had any experience in PR, you would know that us saying "I have X years of experience in X" without anything behind that is just hot air. I could claim I have 50 years of experience with...I don't know, corporate management? It would just be a baseless claim that no one could prove or disprove. It nets us nothing beneficial, and as others have mentioned, could aid in doxxing attempts. You, by the way, insinuating you could find us is just a lovely way to try to be convincing. Lastly, you are not asking questions that haven't been asked (and answered to the best of our ability) before. You are just refusing to accept our answers. We cannot tell you everything you want to know for various reasons including many of our team wanting to protect themselves from elements that have tried to dox them. You are accomplishing nothing beneficial here at all by continuing this way.
  10. Something something people want the D. In other news, I would say that we, the Homecoming team, do love this game. We sincerely do. None of us would have volunteered to do what we do if we didn't. While I know that more details would be liked, we wanted to give people a chance to know what we were doing, that talks were ongoing, and we do want to keep you as informed as possible. It can be frustrating, I know, but thank you all for the patience you've had so far. We'll keep working on it, and you keep killing Skuls! More to come Soon™.
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