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  1. First roll set was a 32, 17, and 27, which meant a Corruptor with Beam and Force Field. Already have that one too sitting in the mid 30s! ( Not gonna count this roll, that's just cheating) Matter Mercury Wanted to have a TechnoMayan look for them and I like it. Second. Decided to roll 3 more sets just to avoid getting something I might have already made 71,88,45 Which is a Staff/Ice Scrapper. I like both sets, just not together on a scrapper. the lack of a taunt aura screams runners everywhere and the slow from the cold isn't enough to fix that.
  2. As someone who tends to be a bit slow on the typing side, I'll typically just run Task/Strike Forces on the odd occasion if I lead anything. I tend to get a bit of anxiety at times as well, feeling like as the leader that I need to BE the frontline which again, as a slow typist, can collide with each other. (Which also runs into anxiety of "Am I tanky enough to lead into fights?" I usually get a baseline of IOs for each new toon (Steadfast/Glad/Miracle/Numina/etc) but don't usually bling it out till 30+or "Why did I run this particular brute without Taunt and why did karma make it
  3. Looks like I'm gonna be learning pop menus. I have an email with my macros already but this is looking even better. Wish I knew this sooner!
  4. There certainly is some funkyness with Overwhelming going on but if you can, I'd give Sudden Acceleration's anti KB a go. On my PB build I was experimenting with for maximizing Force Feedback procs with KB conversion I've seen both mids and in game showing Dawn Strike (PB's Nuke) as having 30KB in Mids and 18KB in game but I can say I haven't seen it actually knock anything back. Only case I still had KB even with the conversion from Sudden Acceleration is Photon Seekers, which is believed to come from when they stack on each other all at once on a single target. I've also heard theories that
  5. Really gotta say, I've been a pretty big fan of the new Beam sounds and I'm gonna give the new Psionic blast + Kinetic melee packs a go this weekend. Thank you SO much for making these.
  6. I second this build, as I have a Fire/Earth over on Excelsior. Lots of fun and pretty nice for locking down hard targets while keep everything else flopping. Only real complaint about it is the visual spam (Bonfire/Sleet/General Fire effects) even when you tone down the colors. Also can cause framerate issues with some people. Nitpicks aside, it really is one of my favorite toons lately.
  7. I'd probably thrown an Umlat in his name but I've got BrootalDark over on Excelsior. I need to get back to leveling em to 50 too since he's in the early 40s. No particular references but I do kinda think he looks a bit like Lemmy Kilmister given the beard and hairdo.
  8. I know they get run to death but I love the DFB dialog. Positron does air on the side of being generic/ boring but I feel running it once blue before red really makes you appreciate all of Arbiter Sand's dialog on the red DFB. (As a side note, I love that Paragonwiki has the dialogue for a lotta of stuff) Positron's assistance There are reports of psychic disturbances below. No doubt it's the Lost. Be extra careful, many heroes have gone after the Lost only to never be heard from again. Arbiter Sands' assistance This report says the Lost have some sort of shant
  9. I was reading someone say something about Dark/Dark/Dark fenders being able to keep him from jumping but I'm not entirely sure how it is supposed to work. I imagine if Fenders could do it others may be able to as well. Still, this could just be a bug you ran into or just incredibly lucky rng.
  10. Of the two builds I feel like Kamikaze would be more fun and lethal to enemies. Archery doesn't need a *ton* of recharge to make it a nukapalooza with Rain of Arrows, and Bonfire doesn't need much to get results out of it for enemy control. You could take out the KB to KD proc for an area denial power in Bonfire although this can drive teammates mad if used improperly ( still can be maddening to some if used before enemies get herded even with the KB to KD proc but, that's a whole different discussion). I'll also admit I'm not a big fan of the melee powers( they're not up to par with some of t
  11. This one uses Scorpion Shield to hit 45% S/L and if you felt like you needed it, could swap some stuff for Thunderstike and get E to 45% but I didn't feel like that was necessary. Chunk of more Recharge to be had. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Natural Blaster Primary Power Set: Archery Secondary Power Set: Plant Manipulation Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Sorcery Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Concealment Ancillary Pool: Mace Mastery He
  12. So a bit of this is me experimenting with new build concepts (procs/blaster mindset?) I've been working out, so bear with me. I've got a "Kamikaze" build that doesn't go entirely for softcap, rather reaching for the 32% S/L using Fire armor for better resists. One small purple insp would be enough to softcap in bad situations. Using Rune of Protection is also a newer thing to me, but I'd use it as antimez alternated with clarion (antimez) or barrier (strong resist/defense bump). And for then you do die? Rise of the Phoenix which is nuke-lite in it's own right. I've got a bit to say so I'll be
  13. I've been working on Battle Axe build with Fire Armor with the FF procs in Swoop, Whirling, Cleave, and Pendulum. Still very much in concept stages so I can't say how well it's gonna work.(If at all 🙄) Still deciding Scrapper or Brute on it as well, Scrapper being aimed towards less downtime on Fiery Embrace, Brute on Rune of Protection with less global recharge but Psi resists for good measure. Thoughts about taking energy torrent in these two in the epic pool since I've heard it's rather good at proccing FF. I have a Human PB that is complete though, and that uses a large amount
  14. So I had a situation in a Synapse TF where I was a Stalker and was basically trying to fulfill the role of stealth to the end. Started recalling our Brutes 1st stating that was the plan( since they were our tanks). A corrupter who followed me to the end ( very nearly dying on the way anyway due their total lack of any stealth) uses their full team TP (without warning of such) after I had half the team to us anyway, which then TPs one of the Brutes into a nearby mob. Corruptor begins to accuse me of trying to tp everyone to their deaths ( which wasn't at all the case, one Brute stating "The fir
  15. So. I'm not great with builds and I'm not looking for someone to give me one, just asking for another set of eyes to look at what I have. I tried to get my S/L/M as close to softcap, with Defensive sweep putting S/M over and into Itrial soft cap ballpark. Also tried to get as much recharge as possible very much sacrificing (in my eyes) a lot of slots I would normally want for enhancing regen. That mostly done to keep downtime to a minimum on Build momentum/Hasten/Meltdown as well as Rad's other tools to make up for the deficiency. I guess my main problem is I feel like garbage for overslo
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