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  1. Cimerora is NOT level locked. It is ONLY locked behind the Midnighter badge which can be achieved at level 1 simply by taking the TUNNEL to Night Ward and entering the Midnighter Mansion there.
  2. I agree it would be wonderful to get more Weapon models, especially for those that have so few (Staff especially, but not exclusively). Also: Quivers. There is literally ONE Quiver.
  3. I think in CoH the term "instance" refers to door missions, special trial rooms, and different copies of whole zones like Atlas Park 1, Atlas Park 2, etc.
  4. Keybinds or macros are the easy way. I love the new functionality for my jumpers... I’m not sure on my flyers. The thing I don’t like is the complete lack of drift. It’s immersion breaking. So I might use exclusive binds. I haven’t decided yet.
  5. You should probably check Reunion, that’s where most EU (bummer dude) players are.
  6. Also, do not stress out about picking the “correct” or “best” Incarnate powers. The design of the system is that you can unlock them all if you want. So pick whatever looks the coolest to you at first and then if you decide you don’t like it later pick something else.
  7. Essentially you should just keep playing. There are some new story arcs that open up at 50 and many of them give Incarnate Rewards, but you also gain those rewards simply by continuing to level. Every three Veteran's levels will get you some Incarnate resources.
  8. Explained? They don’t think you should get bonus range without the extra cast time, what’s so confusing about that?
  9. Ok, I got it. I was running The Great Grun Gathering from Victor Von Grun. I had just completed the mission Get Device from Dr. Creed and was about to teleport out of Mercy when I was ambushed by a couple of Malta grunts.
  10. I'll take a look at the wiki to see if I can figure out which one it was.
  11. are ambushes generally supposed to happen in Mercy? I thought the starting zones didn't allow them... I definitely got ambushed the other day in Mercy while doing some arc...maybe Mr. G
  12. You’re not interested. Doesn’t mean no one is interested. An option is by definition not forced.
  13. I would like to suggest a possible set of simple Options for additional challenge and rewards at level 45-50. All missions taken after level 45 would have an option of being played in one of three ways (toggleable through the Notoriety drop down): 1. Standard: No change to current challenge or rewards. 2. Alpha Only: Incarnate powers past the Alpha slot, and their Incarnate shifts, are Unavailable; completed missions give the mission owner a 60% chance for a single Reward Merit, level 45-50 team members get a 40% chance for a single Reward Meri
  14. The DIFFERENCE between suppressed speed and slotted speed IS greater, because slotted speed is now faster than it used to be. Suppressed speed is not any slower than it ever was, afaik.
  15. I literally just did this arc and I could swear it was the other thing...
  16. It would be awesome if the buffs you cast appeared always at the front of the row, or be slightly larger, or both.
  17. I don’t know what you mean.
  18. I don’t have a problem with soft capped defense. There just needs to be harder stuff to fight.
  19. In what sense would that be fair? That would hurt Ranged as well as melee.
  20. I'm going to go there and say I would support an increase in the recharge time of Blast set T9s and Judgement powers. Not back to pre-i24, but slightly longer than currently.
  21. The HC Devs have indicated that they are aware the endgame is totally unbalanced and they are working on it, but they are a small group of volunteers so it will be a long process.
  22. Can we Please Please have No Redraw options for the Arachnos ATs? Please?
  23. Doors? What kind of doors? I haven’t been seeing this happen.
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