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  1. Ally buffs no longer root you in place while casting, that's something. 🙂
  2. Actually thinking about it more, even costing as much as Hover is too much. Stealth should cost very little, possibly as little as Combat Jumping.
  3. I believe Empathy should be Better than it currently is. Letting you quickly and easily Fort your whole team does that without vastly increasing the power of the set on small teams or solo. The CM suggestion is designed to make it easier to keep up on a couple people while not making it too much easier to keep up on a lot of people. The Res suggestion makes it so you don’t have to worry the person you just rezzed is going to immediately fold again. The AB suggestion is designed to reward you for using your biggest buff and help you get your other buffs ba
  4. IMO Stealth costs too much end. Comparing it a couple other pool powers, Hover gives the same in combat defense plus mobility and costs substantially less, Evasive Maneuvers also costs less while giving mobility and some status protection. Seems to me Stealth shouldn't cost more than Evasive Maneuvers, possibly even as little as Hover.
  5. Casting Force Bolt on an enemy in Detention Field removes the Detention Field and resets the cooldown of Detention Field. (Only works on YOUR Detention Field.)
  6. I would guess that the devs want to see it in action before deciding if it should preserve a little range. However, I am in favor of this change, as it raises the value of CC powers for containing runners.
  7. The fast and slow versions both still buff Blaster range significantly.
  8. Yes, having that much range on the fast version was broken.
  9. Pretty sure it’s just that Fort is intended to be on a few people while Force Fields are intended to cover your whole team. The recharge differences demonstrate that.
  10. Not random at all. I chose that number so a Mastermind could buff all their henchman at once. Or so a defender can get most of the team at once. The time it takes to get Fort up on a lot of people is one of the problems I’m trying to address.
  11. Too bad Repulsion Bomb didn't get a look this time around. 3.07 activation is rather long. Hopefully FF is on the slate to be looked at, I consider it the weakest of all Support sets and it is the one (1) that I haven't rolled on any AT.
  12. I know a lot of people probably don't think Empathy needs a buff at all, and I agree that it doesn't need much, so my suggestions aren't all that over the top, I think. 1. Casting Resurrect on a fallen ally automatically applies (unslotted) Fortitude and Clear Mind to the target. 2. Clear Mind duration increased to 3 minutes. 3. Fortitude casts as an AoE that effects up to 6 allies. Duration, recharge, and end cost unchanged. 4. Casting Adrenalin Boost gives the Caster 100% +Recharge for 20 seconds.
  13. Debuffs mostly have target caps. Buffs protect you no matter how many targets there are.
  14. Yeah they did, but they may have gone a little too far with the Nukes.
  15. I made posts already of suggestions for Sonic and FF. Maybe I'll make an Empathy post.
  16. Actually if we're being completely honest, Kinetics could use a nerf, but I'm not holding my breath.
  17. I think I am in favor of more buffs to individual sets that need help, such as was done with Trick Arrow, rather than across the board buffs or changes to how powers have functioned for years. In other words, Kinetics is fine as is, but Empathy could use a little something. Storm Summoning is fine as is, but Force Field could use some help. Radiation Emission is almost fine (remove the end crash from EMP), but Sonic Resonance could use a little help.
  18. Yea, I wasn’t saying there’s anything wrong with that order.
  19. The way it’s currently set up is, generally, debuffs > ally only buffs > self affecting buffs. Obviously there are differences depending also on tier, threat, and more.
  20. What happened to your Secondary?
  21. It only happens to me very rarely. If it’s happening a lot I’m not sure what’s going on.
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