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  1. I experienced it just a little while ago, I’ll check again. This was with one range SO.
  2. A lot of "Target Blocked" and accidentally teleporting through the geometry still in Ouro itself.
  3. And now I CAN TP. There is something going wrong with Teleport that is INTERMITTENT.
  4. Uh, no, I like Absorb Pain as it is. With Regen Aura you can use it with no downsides. Transferring damage taken to the Empath would simply kill the empath. I don't want to take away what it is now, just make it even better.
  5. In fact, everywhere near the fountains by Mirror Spirit, can't Teleport.
  6. Having the same bug right now in Faultline. Standing next to the vendor Rhonda James, can't Teleport away.
  7. Here's a completely crazy idea: What if (in PvE only) Absorb Pain didn't require LoS?!
  8. I know, I thought of that, read my followups. But I agree with you, it needs a wholesale rework.
  9. Owner of the PFF gets a small "PFF Auto"?
  10. I'm trying to conceive a way to retain the instant huge protection element. Maybe it's Two buttons? Or a Passive AND a Click? Or just ADD a passive to the existing toggle?
  11. If PFF was NOT OAS but instead Suppressed when attacking, similar to Stealth or Evasive Maneuvers (once the bugs get worked out), then it could be made into a Click power, with short recharge and long duration. Still perma out of the box, perhaps with slightly different stats, maybe when the Defense goes away the Resistance remains or maybe a small portion of both remain.
  12. It looks like the suppression mechanics in both Stealth and Evasive Maneuvers are still a little wonky. Once it gets figure out though, I have high hopes that this means that the mother of all OAS powers, Personal Force Field, might finally get looked at. Also, Phase Shift should let us attacked phased mobs, but that's far less important.
  13. Sounds to me like this was not implemented properly. Leadership toggles actually buffing someone suppressing it is one thing, but it should NOT be suppressing when activating powers that Only Affect Self.
  14. I *don't* want to scale back the ability of people to make their toons unkillable gods with IOs and Incarnates. I *like* that. I can make my support toons just as unkillable. That was the promise of the first mission of Mender Ramiel's arc, and I'm happy with how it is fulfilled. All that is required to "fix" the endgame is to make harder enemies (Carnies, Rularu, IDF, etc) worth MORE XP than easier enemies (Council, Romans, and so on) so that people WANT to run the harder content which DOES call for having Support toons around. Then continue to make content that is hard enough it calls for
  15. Last night my buddy (hasn't set up a forum account) was trying to Teleport in and out of Portal Court and while he had no problems on the way in, trying to port OUT he kept finding himself porting In Place even while putting the reticle up in the sky. He changed angles and was finally able to do it. Clearly, Portal Court has some weird geometry stuff going on.
  16. The basic conflict is over the idea that Support need DPS and Tanks, but Tanks and DPS don't need Support. I am perfectly happy with the idea that nobody NEEDS anybody but that everybody has something of value to contribute. I think with buffs targeted at the sets that need help achieving that is possible. And that's the direction HC has been heading already. Trick Arrow turned around entirely. I look forward to seeing more of the same.
  17. That's true, but in most of those games the tanks and dps needed the support in order to complete team content.
  18. I voted for Invis, but I kinda wish I could change my vote...
  19. I disagree. They've been exceptionally transparent, communicative, responsive, and consistent. Was KM overperforming, probably not, but Stalkers in general are either overperforming or very, very close to it.
  20. Regarding the new animation for Disruption arrow and the Longbow versions: I have no issues with the overall idea of how they were corrected, but they are now actually very difficult to see at all. Is it possible to make them slightly more obvious without restoring any of the harmful flashing?
  21. *Most* of my characters are slotted with a mixture of Generic IOs and Specials/Uniques (end, def, res, chance for bu, +tohit, kb protection, stealth, etc). Only a couple of my 50s are slotted with Sets. Only ONE has a "complete" build (complete by my standards, nothing is +5). I agree that many of the specific suggestions in my OP are either too much or unnecessary. I also agree that there are some improvements (debuff toggle suppression when mezzed?) that could be made, and some specific sets (FF, Empathy, Sonic) that could use buffs.
  22. That they didn’t do what you asked does NOT mean you were ignored.
  23. If stealth toggles aren't going to stack (though hopefully maybe someday) then I should definitely be able to switch between Stealth and Infiltration without being at 0 stealth at any point (assuming I'm not in combat). Hopefully the upcoming fix will also address that.
  24. The current setup was the fix for the Hover animation being on all the time.
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