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  1. @Glacier Peak I just tested it again. Made a brand new character on Excelsior, a Katana/Invuln Scrapper. Ran her up to 4 real quick and took SJ. This is a character with no toggles yet and no enhancements at all. I toggle on SJ. The icon appears in the corner. I toggle on DJ. The icon appears, blinking immediately. I don't know what else to do to eliminate possible causes.
  2. That’s so strange, because for me it’s literally every character that I have with super jump, when I turn on double jump the icon in the corner immediately starts blinking. What’s even stranger, is that when my friend and I teamed up and he was also on a character with super jump, he had the same exact bug, except when I looked at both of our buffs in the team window they were both blinking...but they were blinking at different rates! But for both his characters and my characters, the icon in the corner is blinking as soon as we toggle on DJ.
  3. I've reported this a couple times but not heard any response, so I'm starting to wonder if it's just me. Are other people seeing the Double Jump icon blinking as soon as it is toggled on?
  4. Other people buffing you shouldn’t be lowering your stealth, only you buffing them.
  5. I think it has been fixed. If you are running Leadership toggles or other team buffs (and are in range of teammates) it will give you Stealth and not Invisibility, that could be what you’re seeing.
  6. Even melee have leadership buffs and some of them have their own buffs. Teams should always stick together, even melee teams. It is a fallacy to believe that you speed things up by splitting apart.
  7. Why isn't the Movement Increase temp power that I have showing in my combat attributes?
  8. Thanks for the quick patch for these bugs. Couple little things: 1. Double Jump icon still immediately starts blinking when toggled on. 2. I was fully serious when I asked if you could make a "arms and legs whirling" Super Jump/Mighty Leap customization. That would be so much fun.
  9. Something has gone drastically wrong with the Zero-G Pack temp power. Maybe it's the air control or speed or something? I don't know. Definitely not working like normal.
  10. If this change really is intentional then it's another thing that should be saved for a full rework of the set.
  11. It definitely was Not an accident that it was that way.
  12. Does anyone use multiple builds specifically for RP?
  13. I’m pretty sure that was just a joke.
  14. What the heck? Yea, @Captain Powerhouse I sure hope this is not intentional.
  15. Maybe it’s both? But the problem isn’t just damage bonus, the problem is base damage and damage cap. I think the inherent just needs to be improved so that it contributes a lot more.
  16. Since they don’t have taunt, and since the problem is that they don’t do enough damage on teams, they’re fine solo, that isn’t going to work. Maybe if their damage increased when teammates got attacked.
  17. Neither is confusion or fear, and neither comes up in the game very often. Neither will this.
  18. Blasters are the AOE powerhouse. Sentinels need to have single target damage almost as good as that of scrappers, not quite as good as that of blasters or stalkers.
  19. Thanks! That’s super weird, and I wasn’t aware that I was targeting an NPC when it happened, but I’m glad that it’s a known issue.
  20. The game is not balanced around solo performance, it’s balanced around team contribution. Safety and solo performance are secondary balancing points. Since a sentinel does not have taunts it needs to do closer to as much damage as a scrapper, it lives very near melee with short range attacks and has only a small support element. It should still be the lowest damage out of sentinels, scrappers, stalkers, and blasters, but it should be in the same range. Right now it’s outside the range.
  21. They don't need a big boost, just a moderate one.
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