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  1. There are options in the costume editor to select one animation or the other.
  2. Any chance you could look at fixing the icon for Double Jump that starts blinking as soon as you toggle it on?
  3. I think it's just that they need to see how Blasters are doing across the board with the new secondaries before they can tell how much they can bring Sentinels damage up. That's my guess anyway.
  4. Since the changes established that p2w options are not to be as good as actual travel powers, I cannot agree with this.
  5. Oh, I like the big boost in additional healing while Regen Aura is up, but that's fair.
  6. I still don’t see any problem with a rez giving buffs.
  7. lmao you mean like Return to Battle?
  8. Different effects in pvp is possible no? But Range enhancement only working on minions sounds reasonable. However the reason we were given had nothing to do with pvp but was instead about teleporting objects that are supposed to remain immobile.
  9. Well the reason why Fold Space and Wormhole can’t do bosses above a certain level difference was explained. But that doesn’t apply to lieutenants.
  10. Travel powers are no longer mutually exclusive. Stealth powers still are. So Infiltration will stay on with Combat Jumping, but not Energy Cloak. It's not a bug. They have indicated they MAY make Stealth powers do the same thing, but not yet.
  11. I think I mentioned elsewhere, I like that they seem to be getting rid of Only Affecting Self powers and I hope that extends to Personal Force Field. Also, I REALLY think Force Field should get a mechanic similar to the Draw In of Singularity or similar to Fold Space. One or the other. Or both. Give us a Force Field that CONSTRICTS, collecting enemies at its center.
  12. Something else then. It doesn’t have to be quite so over the top. I just mean the same kind of thing they did with the Family.
  13. As long as it’s Melee range. Yes, perfect.
  14. Frankly, I think JUST adding a few new mobs to the Council (and perhaps some others) at 40+ might do the trick.
  15. I don’t think making what people want to do now worth less is a good idea. Just make the stuff that they don’t want to do now worth more.
  16. I think it would be reasonable and diplomatic to revert the kinetic melee change until you’ve had a chance to go over the set in its entirety, just like you did with rune of protection and sorcery.
  17. I had an idea about that. What if some level 50 missions had a chance to drop a merit at the end, but not radio missions, and not architect.
  18. We would still trounce them in seconds without higher hp, resistance, absorption, something.
  19. Please increase the magnitude of Teleport Target so it at least works on Lieutenants!
  20. And just now I myself was unable to reproduce the problem, so it seems like a sort of temporary glitch. That's what I'm seeing with Teleport right now, some rare, minor temporary glitches.
  21. Yea, I don't know. I've been experiencing some weird little bugs with it here and there, but overall still greatly improved from previously.
  22. This was on live by the way. Am I in the beta forum by mistake?
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