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  1. One thought about new ATO sets: it might be necessary to treat them more like the power pools and limit the number of ATO sets you can choose to use in your build. So as each AT has two now, if a third set could be available then you'd have to decide which two of the three is best suited to your build or desired play style.
  2. I'm still hoping for a -hair effect on War Wolves and Minotaurs. 😀
  3. It will be interesting to see how well this plays in higher level groups. In my experience I've tended to only occasionally use my support powers in these circumstances, so the build/consume mechanic in this set might not be fully utilized. You might end up spamming builder powers to little benefit to the team just to build the static charges. In this case, I think Shock needs to do enough damage/debuff to be a useful part of the attack chain.
  4. I'm definitely rolling a Robots/Shock mastermind.
  5. Then I'll go with my earlier suggestion in the other thread: Electrolysis (if we can add the -hair mechanic to the game)
  6. How about Surge Protection? (I'm perfectly fine with punny names) I'd like to see a poll to help narrow down name candidates. It doesn't have to be binding - the HC team could make the final decision, but it could be a fun community exercise.
  7. Add a -hair to the powers and rename Shock Therapy to Electrolysis 😀
  8. I'm pretty consistently running into a client crash when using the Auction House user interface. When I'm repeatedly pulling purchased items from the UI, it will sometimes crash with this error message: Unfortunately, the City of Heroes client encountered an unexpected error and must close. The error occurred in cityofheroes.exe at relative address 0x30e0a. I've included the crash report generated by the client for my most recent crash. cityofheroes-7z05qky5mnzkvymh28ar5066sd.report
  9. I did the Vigilante arc on my Street Justice/Willpower Natural Stalker, so up front I have to say that the story line and Family+Police foes were just the right fit thematically for this character. It's nice to have a mission story arc that fits this type of character. I didn't even mind the addition of the special guest star in the final cut scene. Regarding the branching decision at the end, I think using "I'm here to kill you" as the player character line is too literal. Yes it makes it clear that the choice is too kill the bad guy or turn him over to the cops for a lesser charge, but I think something a little more melodramatic would do as well. This could be a good place for a cheezy line straight ought of a 80s Schwarzenegger movie. Going further back in time, I loved the role Detective Hutchins played and his dialog. Regarding the police ambush, I was able to get out, but if larger mob size spawned I'm sure the glue grenades would have slowed me down too much. If defeated in that map, do you wake up in the jail? And the Avenger badge art was great.
  10. Which reminds me of a relevant classic Fred Hembeck cartoon: quicksilvers-lament
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