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  1. Thanks for your reply! You are correct, MA does not take the debuff. Pine's Hero Designer is incorrect (or mine is out of date)
  2. Bopper, the amount of work you have put in this thread is incredible. Kudos. In Atomic Manipulation for blasters both Beta Decay and Metabolic Acceleration can support the Achilles Heel -resist proc. Since both of these are AOE toggles, could all enemies in the radius be affected? Would the procs stack from both powers? Also, in your opinion, would Energy Manipulator Chance to stun be an effective proc for metabolic Acceleration? Thanks for your time. HellHound
  3. I found that i received the badge but received no notification in game. I found it scrolling through my badges.
  4. I have a Hero alignment. I'll look through and see if i've received it and it hasn't populated. I am currently having an issue with the Shrouded badge also for the Portal Jockey Accolade.
  5. greetings, i completed the missions for the badge requirement and never received the badge. Who do i contact to get that resolved? Thanks, @Hellhound
  6. Homecoming is SO appropriate!! I have not played another MMO since the shutdown. Thank you so much. I hope you guys find a way for funding that doesn't jeopardize anything. You'll find plenty of financial supporters!
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