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  1. So you take the 3 pet powers, the 2 upgrades and maybe fortify pack? Kinetics is full of great powers. If you're nearly 30 and only have 2 Kin powers, you're gimping yourself. You should have at least 4 powers from Kin at that point. And honestly, getting down to "dedicated" builds, taking the attacks in mastermind pet sets is not optimal outside of using them for IO placeholders. You'd get wayyyyy more utility out of siphon speed and speed boost at that level. Taking alphas is not a big deal. Anyone can do it. Most base tanks with SO's can take an alpha, even at 4/8. Surviving it
  2. I have a blaster that was based on an idea posted in this forum a few months back about "only using P2W attacks". I have not slotted a single primary attack. He does plenty of damage. Nothing infuriates COH players more than people putting other MMO ideas into our game. This game is the single most open ended "do what ever the hell you wanna do" mmo in history. Archetypes are more of a "point in a general idea direction" thing than an actual "follow to the letter" spiel like other mmos. Petless mastermind? Do it! Tank who only uses power pool attacks? You got it! Empath
  3. I did mine as Ice/Elec/Fire. The amount of aoeness I can put out is just ridiculous. He was a pain to get up to 50, and before IO's it was hit or miss, but once slotted it grabs aggro like super glue. To be honest though, if it wasn't for the concept I had, I probably wouldn't have gone with him. Concept trumped playability in this case.
  4. I'm doing a similar one as of tonight. I altered making it so you can use any powers from devices (taser is awesome) but take no powers from the primary. Hit level 19 in just random teams. It's really fun actually. Kinda has a Casey Jones meets Predator vibe to it.
  5. Pretty much. Invulnerability and Super Strength are THEE super hero archetype power sets. By far the most common powers given in comics history. So the numbers don't show that its a good set, it just shows that people get fooled by the name when they're creating their superman clones.
  6. It's the ruining of the pace. It just kills the vibe. You're going hard than you fire up a KBlow and..it does 2 damage.... This game is all about the fast paced combat at the end game, but Rage just goes against that. Now the argument against is "well just don't take it". The problem is the set is balanced around the damn power. You can skip the build ups on other sets and you lose spike damage, but the sets function just fine. But SS is stupidly balanced around always running rage to achieve reasonable performance, only to have a ridiculous crash that impedes on the basic function
  7. I like this idea as a start. Give SS the same basic damage beginning as the rest of the sets to start. No more balancing around rage. Than give it a fury embrace that boosts smashing damage and tohit. When it wears off, give it a damage debuff and tohit debuff of lets say half to 1/3 of the value of the boost. I don't play SS cause of rage, I play it cause its a goddamn superhero staple! Having an exhausting crash after a boost is comicesque, but completing neutering my toon for 10 seconds is just bad game design.
  8. So stealth and TT are mandatory for doing tf's now? And this is why I try not run random tf's... I have fully IOed 50's that don't have that stuff cause, well, I don't care if they have them. Doesn't break the game. To expect that stuff while running PUGs kinda makes the person expecting it kind of sound like a D. Reading the first post I was waiting for the "Horror" and all I saw was minor inconvenience. Seriously, if you are forming a TF and don't announce "We are going to stealth" before you start, than shut up and deal with the hand you just dealt yourself. I'm indi
  9. The thing with sentinels isn't the regen aspect, it's the absorb power https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Regeneration#Instant_Regeneration that makes it better. In most instances the enemies can't get through it to get your actual HP. It's like a perma ablative carapace from BIO.
  10. I personally feel frustrated that my stone/bio brute, IOed for resists and soft capped defenses, has higher regen in offensive mode than my regen sentinel who is IOed out for as much regen as possible. Now I understand that HP comes into play, but should it matter so much that a set of mixed defenses can beat a set who has a singular focus without the former focusing on doing that? Every regen set on every AT should at base SO levels be able to match or honestly beat any regen on any other powerset, including fully IOed out ones. I believe that the regen from Bio should
  11. I'd say for a brute it's still relevant. And the negatives are far easier to work around. My last brute pre-snap was a stone/stone. Basically unkillable, with actual damage in comparison to the tank damage levels of the time. Now with the tank changes the middle ground is much closer. For a cheaper price you can basically make a /stone brute as unkillable as a IOed out invul tank, just with the inability to get over a curb. But you'll still do more damage overall in most instances.
  12. I said it in a thread awhile back, but I'll repeat it here; regen should be the king of debuff resistance. Slows, defense, tohit, regen(of course), resistance etc. If its a debuff, regen should barely notice. Than give it boosts to everything that isn't defense or resistance. Recovery, recharge, accuracy, endurance total, hp total, give the absorb for sentinels to all regen sets. Follow up by making all regen sets the best at regen even with base SO slotting and I'd think the results may be worth something.
  13. I can't find the post where I learned, but what you do is: Save the costume you want to make taller or shorter, like "toontaller". Find the costume in the costumes folder where you installed COH. Open that up in notepad, find the "Scale" number. Should be near the top. Change that number to as high 35, or as low as -35. Anymore and the chance for character corruption is high. Save it. Go to a Surgeon NPC. Not a regular tailor, has to be a surgeon, there's one in every Icon. Select the costume slot you want to be taller, th
  14. I set my tank to maximum on all sliders, except chest cause it looks ridiculous, than I edited the costume file to up his height from 25 to 35. So he's XXXlarge.
  15. I vaguely remember some response on this back in the day about not allowing us to order females to do things or it would bump us up to an M rated game because the things that happen on the internet and such. Insert whatever mental picture you wanna draw onto that, but giving the players the ability to do it was thought would lead to situations that would be equivalent GTA's hot coffee issue.
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