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  1. Ty HC Team. It’s a great way to spend A long weekend is coming up!
  2. well.... now i am just going to HAVE to make a new hero to hang out around king's row.....
  3. I was just thinking the other day - whatever happened to the paladin zone event ....
  4. I went on a virtual tour and it was cool. I love the mood in some of these environments.
  5. I agree. No going back beyond mentioning/lore. Forward to the Coming Storm (or something else).
  6. I play all the dev choices and love the player created content. I hate to say it but as much as I like AE - more stuff please! More content, more maps, more options!
  7. thank you for another month of service excellence
  8. oh last night i saw Dj Zero as Old Man Time and War Witch as Praetorian War Witch in Pocket D. i just assumed I missed a plot/story development
  9. Paraphrase from memory: "New job, developments and new life opportunities. After many many years in the COH community TonyV is off to new adventures. I am not a point of contact for negotiations, Homecoming, Titan Network and anything else - peace out! If I show up any where online I am just a regular community member like you. " I think there was a slip up he mentioned merging Titan Network and Homecoming but the two camps clarified shortly and said 'no'.
  10. Finally! Support for E:\CÓH Thanks for all you guys do!
  11. I do not think we will see it during halloween event.
  12. I have no idea what you said, but thank you. I am going to go.kill.skuls now.
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