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  1. This problem is consistent on my desktop and laptop since last update. My fix is to just play windowed for now.
  2. thank you for all the testing and improvements (and future improvements) to homecoming
  3. yeah, I say delete the directory and redownload.
  4. duane

    City of Titans

    I hold no ill feelings to missing words media and city of titans and I understand they are volunteers just like homecoming. They put in their personal time and effort and deserve some extra space and time. I think like any new group of people they made mistakes and have had some serious setbacks. If anyone else thinks they can crank out an MMO with volunteers under 5 years then good luck! However, since about fall 2019 and joining Homecoming I am done. I spent so many years waiting, following forums and scant news articles related to anything about COH or successors for so long. I am just tired. I unsubscribed from the spiritual successors and the distribution lists and I enjoy having this game. I will probably try out the successors at official launch, but alphas, betas and vaporware are no longer interesting to me. If homecoming folds up tomorrow and all the rogue servers are gone I think I may wander back, but I don't feel it inside anymore.
  5. I would LOVE that. Our house is built like a bunker as it is. I have changed cell phone providers just so I can use a phone on the first floor.
  6. I live in a household with someone who wants to be technical and hook everything up to the internet. I HATE google home, Hate google speakers and Hate google light switches. Since they arrived my internet is all disconnects and slow waits. Just 5 devices on the network killed my Netflix, work VPN disconnected and frequent disconnects to COH between zones. I get d/c going from atlas to steel canyon or I am taking minutes to zone. I have the largest bandwidth my provider could offer as well. Look at the items in your immediate area and get them off your wifi and unplugged just for testing purposes. When all these crap devices are off my wi-fi and I am home alone I can actually function on the internet.
  7. I like to read the bio and information on characters. I think the Hopkins bio is missing/lost. Here is what paragonwiki says "Hopkins is the devoted servant and bodyguard of the mysterious Countess Crey. Since the day he was hired, he's been at her side constantly, rarely venturing outside the range of of her voice. Hopkins is clearly the second in command in the Crey hierachy. "
  8. it's funny I saw the thug collective and I just assumed I had forgotten it.... on the look out for more! Kinda cool to make small changes like this unannounced.
  9. another new billboard?
  10. same here. I was curious if it was a large update or just a slow evening for downloads.
  11. Redside is where dirtbags and hooligans go to plan their next heist on the chumps in paragon city. I love home. Sure, maybe some snow and a single tree, but save that fluff for the blueside for now.
  12. going quickly! I just refreshed and it went from 12 to 40%!
  13. Bah, Humbug!! (Christmas is always creeping into Halloween) I was gone for two days and missed. I look forward to some day sending a monthly (or annual) subscription
  14. the single greatest fix to all my crashes has been the move to the 64bit client. 99.99999% elimination of "Insert Random COH File Name" has run out of memory. I know the client should not make the graphics look better, but..... stuff seems to move less jerky and I cannot think of any other changes on my PC in last 6 months. TOT on a league and all the monsters coming out doors or a visit to Rikti ship raid seems smooth and yes no crashes on 64 bit client.
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