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  1. shut up and take my money (from futurama)
  2. Thank you. I am on a lead for a link that had the 6 pages scanned online.
  3. I just happened to play the two Tales of Cimerora this last week.....awesome arcs with the right mix of lore and new. Not to sound greedy, but perhaps a 3rd tale some day?
  4. Hello! I have lost the link along the way, but I think there was a printed book, article or web link to the City of Heroes villain groups - pre 2004 launch and the villain groups had different names/looks. Does anyone have that information or weblink?
  5. thank you devs for all the work you do. I realize this is unpaid effort on your behalf when you could be doing other things. I still cannot believe this game is back much less able to be updated, modified and built on. Thank you again. Here are some more beans.
  6. EDIT 7/19/20: Yes, revalidate first. Start Tequila --> Options --> Revalidate. I have had this take a little time or get hung up on that 'one file' and never finish. However it is a good and potentially faster fix. I also recommend leave 32 bit client behind and go to 64 bit if you can. I stand by my old COH general fix - aka scorched earth Find your directory where COH is installed on your computer for me it is D:\COH delete COH install directory - it's ok, your characters, account and stuff is on a server on the internet EDIT: There is a screen shot subdirectory if you take pics while in game you may want to back up. I don't know if you can uninstall or just delete the Tequila/installer - get rid of that too. Mine is inside of the D:\COH folder and not another location Empty the recycle bin Reboot computer Download a fresh new installer and let COH install again to a fresh install. When people start getting into modifying .dll or messing with .net or other things I have no interest in that, but if it works for them - good for them!
  7. thank you for holiday weekend support
  8. just long enough to run a couple errands and miss out! looking forward to August! THANK YOU EVERYONE BOTH CONTRIBUTORS AND FUTURE CONTRIBUTORS!
  9. Sorry, I used buy out too loosely and should have referred to license, lease or cajole them to legally grant access. in the end if it eliminates the possibility a whilly nilly executive can pull the rug out and the community gives the game the attention it deserves - it’s a win. We are on the 4th attempt here kids, it’s gotta give one of these days.
  10. well, good luck and keep trying. Having followed all the buyout attempts I am very pessimistic but happy to be proved wrong. It's kind of like the old horror movie "don't go in the barn". We send someone into the barn and they don't come out. Who wants to go into the barn next?
  11. call me crazy, but did anything go out for 6/23 and then 6/24?
  12. I believe you can just type a post as you just did and you are good to go OR go over to discord (see instructions on first page) and do that.
  13. What about the hot dogs on Spanky’s Boardwalk in Talos?
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