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  1. under the category of careful what you wish for: player created AE maps, select city street maps and select drop, villain locations or at least more more more 🙂
  2. I had frequent crashes with COH on Homecoming at launch on Tequila. I just muddled through as I had messages (random graphic driver file is out of memory). I would even go between a C:\coh, coh2, coh3 directories to proactively remove and reinstall the client fresh and that helped some but some days not really and the crashes continued. When the 64 bit client came out my problems were GREATLY reduced (like 95%). With the Homecoming client and no more Tequila the problem is now eliminated.
  3. I am away from computer for the night but logged in to the game I am thinking Menu —> Rename down the list. You get one rename only so choose carefully.
  4. could you just rename your global handle? You get one rename I believe. I think trashing your account is not needed, but I respect your desire for privacy. You get unlimited character renames/transfer too.
  5. Guardian was a server on live. Servers - Paragon Wiki Archive I do agree there was an inspiration that was at the start of game and discontinued shortly after launch but it was the purple ones on the obsolete list. I had some of those inspirations on unused characters from a server I quit playing. Wentworths was passing them around as vanity items at like 10-20 million. I never had money so it was a great source. I also never sold base salvage and never used it but sold that off for influence/infamy too.
  6. Oh wow!!! Of all the villain groups that could use a refresh, but I always forget the Warriors exist. It would be a shame if they get some juiced up powers and start causing problems.
  7. We do have the spring event in progress and we did get a tiny patch in the last month. There is another patch pending out there for some kind of testing associated with the Hamidon raid. There was a community update as well asking for more volunteer game masters and stuff like that. I agree that I am really curious what is coming for 27 Page 2. I cannot think of what is in flight.... I cannot recall any open topics. There is always bugs and balancing and my wish list is a mile long. However the volunteers are probably juggling real lives and ambitious goals with limited times. I am ready to get this winter over.
  8. thank you all you volunteers that keep the game going.
  9. ever since jumping to 64-bit (if an option) 90% of my client problems gone and then the homecoming launcher fixed the remaining 9.9% ....
  10. they are out there. I thought they would be in the heroes 20-25 and villains 30-35, but they were one group 'down' further. Heroes arc level is 25-29 and Villains 35-39
  11. unfortunately it has always clipped even back on live.
  12. I frequently visit Massively Overpowered | MMORPG news and opinions (massivelyop.com) and enjoy the Lost MMO's series of articles. There is just something about this latest entry I really like - I feel like it is COH's long lost cousin for look, feel and customization. Sadly the work was pre-COH and never made it to go-live. The Game Archaeologist: Lost Continents, the Jules Verne MMO we never got | Massively Overpowered (massivelyop.com)
  13. I clicked the link and it was at 99% after 30 minutes(?) Homecoming Team and Players = all amazing.
  14. we are rogues. Some vigilantes. A few heroes. Lots of villains
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