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  1. I too love Bio, I've made a Bio in every AT that can take it I have a Lvl 50 Rad/Bio stalker and I enjoy playing it, she can tank +4/8 but as far as the best primary it's really hard to say honestly everyone has their own opinion on the "Best" im working on a few other ?/Bio stalkers right now also, but I'd just say poke at a few different setups and see which one you like the feel of. Just have fun with it either way 😄
  2. It will trigger at any time not just when you have used the power. I use this on all my Alts, if I have a heal that I plan to 6 slot then I put the whole set in, if not I put the proc in health.
  3. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys making mazes. :) i made a SG base that has a hedge maze and I small maze inside it as well but I started another base that's going to be a massive maze. I will have to make a few Alts to check yours out, I love running mazes! if your ever on excelsior please check mine out, it's not as epic as yours but it gave me something to start with. and your screenshot looks a-MAZE-ing!!
  4. Hello everyone, I was thinking of posting this after I completely finished the base but I'd like to hear any ideas or opinions you may have. 😃 this is on excelsior server The SG is called The Grand Arcanum the code is GRANDARC-7137 all I'm going to tell you is when you enter the base, you will be in a long tech corridor, I have all the portals right there, but there is a portal that says "Go Here" which will take you to the Arcanum Mansion (which needs a lot of furniture), if you do check it out, please have fun and let me know what you think about it. Oh and I made it so you can get anywhere in it without needing to fly, you just have to find your way to the portal. 😊 I also have another base that is red side, but it's not really a "villainy" base. I was using some of the ideas I got from watching Dacy's vids. a lot will change before I'm done but feel free to check it out, you can hang out in there if you want, I don't mind the SG is called the Technos Empire and the code is TECHNOS-7653 have a good day everyone, and I hope to see you in the city!
  5. Awesome vids, I've been building quite a few bases lately but there were some things I couldn't find a good look for, but your vids gave me a few more ideas to try out. I think I've spent more time building in the last 3 weeks then running mishs. Thanks for the tips
  6. Good day all, I started in issue 2, my first character was Varine, a gravity/empathy controller. When I got onto HC she was my first build again, right down to the costume too. I'm on Excelsior now, I can't recall many of the names of the people I gamed with back in the day, so if you remember me send me a msg in game. I played on Freedom also but Liberty server was my home Have a good day, and I'll see you in the city!
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