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Hi Everyone,


Let me start by saying, I think Kitsune, did a marvelous job.

And I don't think what I'm proposing here is remotely comparable to what Kitsume have done.

In fact I have use the spread sheet to make this DetectionTool to work.


Anyways, ill cut the the chase.

I had some spare time this week end and I made this:




you can try it using this zip file:



At this point, it's just a proof of concept.

I'm hoping it will work fine for most players.


If it's the case, I also hope some other coders will jump in and help enhance it.


Please let me know what you think!




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Some thoughts upon installing;


I did have to do a full client shut down and restart for it to see my account active in game.


The UI is a little confusing for those who haven't tried recording badges before. I know what set titles is needed for, and how to get them working, but others may not and the UI doesn't explain well. Consider changing it so walks the user through setting them up, something like after the "Enable Chat Logging"


"2.) "Install the macros to pull the titles from chat. Select a simple folder for them to go into." Then offer the gump as you do.

3.) Once that's done, explain; "You then need to go in game, and type /bind_Load_file ":\INSTALL\bind0.txt"  Again, I know what the command is, but others will not

4.) Now explain what "CTRL-M" means; use it in game load the macros and then to pull the titles.


Issues with your bind load files:


Currently they don't seem to cycle through the rest of them, getting stuck on the group that ends with "Unbreakable". I believe this is the first batch?


Issues with badge detection:


I'll have another go at this when you fix your macros (don't want to use something outside your design to cownfuse things), but it did pick up the first batch of 10.


Issues with badge results:


Right now, the results aren't clear; although they appear at the top, you have "Badges Earned Badges" in the same font as everything else as the only real indicator that's one detected. Either consider displaying the found badges in a different colour, or mark them in some way to indicate they're found (or remove them from the list showing only unfound like Kitsune's did)








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Ran the macros and pointed the program towards my log file. The program detected 1504 badges, I have 1525 currently so there are a few it missed. I'm not sure if this is an issue of the program not detecting those badges from the logs correctly, or if the bind files never got to them (I was still getting hits up to the final bind file, so its possible more than 200 may be needed)


I'll try to figure out which badges are the culprits in a little bit




Okay, looking through the badges it looks like there's a mix of new badges that the macro files didn't get to, and some badge names that need to be fixed because of how they were split between male/female versions, which made it so the male versions weren't picked up.


Badge names need to be updated:


Master / Mistress of the Airwaves   =  Master of the Airwaves / Mistress of the Airwaves

Man / Woman of Vengeance  =  Man of Vengeance / Woman of Vengeance

King / Queen of Pain  =  King of Pain / Queen of Pain

Lord / Lady of Storms  =  Lord of Storms / Lady of Storms

Ferryman / Ferrywoman of the Damned  =  Ferryman of the Damned / Ferrywoman of the Damned



Man's / Woman's Best Friend  =  Man's Best Friend / Woman's Best Friend



There might also be some of these with the opposite problem, where they'll show up for male characters but not females (Mystic King / Queen in the exploration list jumps out as a possible example of this). But I can't check for these since my badge character is male.

Edited by Piyerus

Current badge count: 1525

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Posted (edited)

I wanted to get back to this sooner, but with the holidays...


Anyways, I did a few tweaks:

- Updated the RawData.xlsx using Piyerus info

- Tried to fetch the set titles ids from Kitsune Json database( Homecoming data pack - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming )

      This seems to be Node.js stuff and I have no expertise with node.js (sadly), I figured a way to extract the data somehow.

      Still some settitlesids are missing.

      For now I'm sticking with the from 1 to 2400 ids method


- Tweaked the set titles to go from 2400 to 2500, added fields to tweak those by the user.

- With Kitsune data, I was also able to fix some of the badges names.


Hopefully this will help.

I don't even have 500 badges myself on my main, so it's hard to do more testing on my own.

The idea was to have a tool while I'm badging and not get all then figure a tool later 🙂




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That said, if the tool work its magic, the next logical step would be to have it work with a data driven web site.

Have a "push" data or export to X website button.


This would be another endeavor itself.

I surely do have the expertise to do that part too, but I wonder how much time I will have for this in the next few weeks/months for such a project.


If anyone else feel like doing that part, I'll be happy  to work with them.


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38 minutes ago, xeaon said:

- Tried to fetch the set titles ids from Kitsune Json database( Homecoming data pack - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming )

I wish I had known you needed this data. I could have (and still can) provide a spreadsheet with the badge names and set title IDs. There are still a few IDs missing (as you noted) but now that the Winter Event is over I can fill in most of the missing ones. I worked on the badge data for KeyboardKitsune's badger site and provided the set title IDs (along with some other work). I don't have access to my data right now but I can probably post something later this evening.

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Nice of you!


I went with an Excel sheet as database, so ppl could help me fill it.

I would normally never consider  Excel for any of my project tho, lol / the Irony!


Anyways, it will be easy to update the data if you provide the info.

From there maybe ill make a new button to create bind files from the know ids, rather then going from 1 to 2500ish

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I've attached the data. I'm not sure if you'll need everything that is in there, but it's got the settitle ID, full badge name (with multiple names separated by a slash), badge type, sub-badge list (for badges like accolades that are awarded after collecting other badges), and notes. There are about 10 missing settitle IDs, most of which are from the Valentine's event and can be filled in when that goes live.


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