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Community Led Guide of Tips and Tricks for New Players - January 2020!

GM Miss

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Hey guys! 


So this week over on our discord - (if you haven't joined you really should! Here is the link: https://discord.gg/cityofheroes) Every week we do a weekly discussion where we talk about a topic that you guys have voted on. This week you guys voted on making a guide of tips and tricks for new players. Down at the bottom of the post you will find the names of everyone who helped with the guide - thank you for continuing to make CoX a helpful and happy place to game.


Before Rolling a Character:

Setup and Install:


  • Try using 'Free Camera Mode'. Set it up in your options under Controls -> Mouse.
    • It enables the camera to rotate and behave much more like a modern MMO instead of locking it to where you rotate it. - Helpful for anyone playing CoH for the first time after playing newer MMOs.
  • If you want to save your options for new characters - try using these commands. (Just type them with the /in the chat window!)
    • /optionsave (The doesn't need a load command, it does it automatically.)
    • /bindsave - /bindload (Binds)
    • /wdwsave - /wdwload (Window)
    • /chatsave - /chatload (Chat)


Starting the Game:

Character Creation:

  • Have realistic expectations for toons. Not every build is gonna be crushing +4×8 at endgame, most are doing good at +2×2 and that's fine. Some builds just won't solo well at all. Players need to understand that in CoH playing what's fun for you is more important than power builds because teams can always shore up weaknesses.


  • Before level 10 it is free to change your costume so if you want to make changes after your character is already made - make sure to do it before level 10 when you start getting charged!
    • Changing between body types and male/female/huge is expensive - so do that before 10 as well!
  • You can save your costumes and load them on a new character using the save and load icons in the bottom right of character creation! 
    • Keep in mind for the tip above (free until level 10) that you can save your new costume and load them into your new character slots as well before you start getting charged at later levels!
  • Also do the 20, 30, and 40 costume slot unlock missions early as you can. (You can swap sides and do their costume unlock as well.)
  • Take your time and make sure to customize your powers to suit your characters flair as well!

P2W Vendor:

  • Here is a link to a guide on what is available at the P2W vendors.  (Keep in mind you can use the vendor in Pocket D during TFs)
  • Take inner inspiration first from the P2W Vendor (Under prestige utility powers) and use it whenever the cool down is up. Then proceed to sell the inspirations in the AH. Sometimes you get lucky rolls and can sell stuff for a decent amount of influence.

Null the Gull:

  • Check out the Gull on the red side of Pocket D (You can get to PD via Kings Row, Faultline, Talos Island, Founders' Falls, Port Oakes, Sharkhead Isle, St. Martial, & Imperial City) on top of the white van.
    • You can change your alignment to and from Hero, Villain, Vigilante (Hero side that can do Villain content), and Rogue (Villain side that can do hero content)! 
    • You can always accept mystic fortunes (Available in the P2W vendor), turn off the speed from speedboost - and more!


Leveling: Enjoy the ride!

  • You get a free respec every 10 levels, so don't fret about picking a few powers early on to test out! 
  • When you are low level and get something nice - sell it and use the money. Influence (money) is more valuable to you than the single item early on.


  • Make sure to check out hazard zones like the Hollows, Striga, Terra Volta, and more while leveling. They have super fun story arcs and lots of great content to share!

Task Forces (TFs):


  • Praetoria is not for the faint of heart. It is a place where you will most likely spend a lot of time solo and the content can be difficult. Make sure to go in with a strong solo build, or some friends! 

Architect Entertainment (AE):

Ouroboros (Ouro): 

  • Even if you out level content - you can always go back and do them (story missions) through Ouroboros (and get merits)! 
    • Swap sides and do the villain ones too!
  • Cool Story arcs to check out:

Power Leveling (PL):


Advancing Your Character:

The Auction House (AH): Type /AH in game to see the AH anywhere! (But in bases)



  • Here is a guide on Incarnate Lore Pets!
  • USE THREADS - NOT SHARDS. Its cheaper.
    • Here is a list of what you need for a Single Incarnate Power
      • Tier 1: 60 threads total
      • Tier 2: 100 threads total
      • Tier 3: 40 threads / 8 Emp merits
      • Tier 4: All of the above + 40 thread & 30  Emp merits


Day Jobs

Veteran Rewards

  • Every 3rd veteran level through 99, you will receive a veteran badge and a number of Empyrean Merits. The number of Empyrean Merits starts at 20 and decreases by 5 after every 25 veteran levels. After veteran level 99, you will no longer receive Empyrean Merits as veteran rewards.
    • The full breakout for veteran reward Empyrean Merits is below:
      • 3 to 24: 20 Empyrean Merits ( 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 = 160 Empyrean Merits)
        27 to 48: 15 Empyrean Merits (27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48 = 120 Empyrean Merits)
        51 to 75: 10 Empyrean Merits (51, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 69, 72, 75 = 90 Empyrean Merits)
        78 to 99: 5 Empyrean Merits (78, 81, 84, 87, 90, 93, 96, 99 = 40 Empyrean Merits)
        Total = 410 Empyrean Merits
  • Every veteran level through 11 that you do not receive Empyrean Merits, you will receive 120 Incarnate Threads. After veteran level 11, you will no longer receive Incarnate Threads as veteran rewards.
    • The full breakout for veteran reward Incarnate Threads is below:
      • 1 to 11: 120 Incarnate Threads ( 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 = 960 Incarnate Threads)
      • total = 960 Incarnate Threads




  • When emailing large sums of money or special items to yourself - make sure to always have an email in your inbox that you have already sent to yourself. Then you can just reply to that email and be sure your items are going right where they need to!

Player VS. Player (PVP):

Role Play (RP):

Super Group Bases:


Here are a list of other helpful guides people linked that you might be interested in:



🙌Here is a list of people who helped make this community guide possible! 🙌
Robotech_Master, Diamante Loca, Kerevola, Psi, Darin Fletcher, EmmaSky, Ten Thousand Lions, GM Kal, Twin Zero, MaxamillionQ, Arklide, Mainframe, GM Mathison, Veus, Living Brain 3000, Logoriel, Gchpaco, Saleon, GM Korvin, Karumac, AiNyan, Cosmic Tempus, GM Miss, GM Arcanum!





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