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Base Builders FAQ

Impish Kat

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Base Builders FAQ

These are questions that we see quite often on Discord and in the Homecoming forums.  It is not necessarily a complete Q&A. 


Please take a look at the Base Builder's Cheat Sheet as well as Sigg's quick gif tutorial https://imgur.com/a/y4X1fbQ


Now, in no particular order...


Can we please have more storage?

Highly unlikely.  Keep in mind that there is an item limit of 20K items for the entire base.  There was a time when the devs tried to raise that limit, but it broke things in disastrous ways.  Each piece of salvage, inspiration, or enhancement gets stored directly to the base map, which means they essentially become base items.

The upside to this is that you cannot delete a room if there is salvage in the units.


Can we please have AH?

The Auction House is not accessible in instanced maps, which bases are.  The short reason is because it puts a massive load on the mapservers.


Can I belong to two super groups and have a personal base?

No, a character cannot belong to two super groups.  However, you may want to create a personal base with an alt, then coalition it with the larger super group.


Can coalition members access storage?

Unfortunately not.  This is the drawback if you are trying to have a personal side base.  Coalition members cannot access storage.  They can, however, use the portals, craft, and empowerment stations (they would need the salvage in their personal stash).


Can I invite my alts to my super group?

Yes!  Simply use the slash command /altinvite charactername.  You can also promote and demote sg members even if they are offline.


Why am I not earning prestige in sg mode?

Prestige has been disabled.  It does not cost anything to build a base.


Can more than one person edit at a time?

Nope.  Only one person can work in edit mode.


How do I set a passcode?

Use the slash command /sgpasscode yourpassword.  This will generate a passcode with your chosen word and an appended number.  Look for it in the system spam in your chat window.  Write it down.  Give it to friends to access your base.


Can I delete the entrance room?

Nope.  The base entrance room holds the code for the base editor.  Consequently, it is a permanent fixture. You cannot delete the entrance room.  You can move the portal to any room you like, but you cannot delete the entrance room.


Can I access the editor from another room besides the entrance?

Yes.  /editbase 1 to enter edit mode, /editbase 0 to exit


Do I need power and control?

A few medical items do need power and control.  For most other things, power and control has been disabled.


How do I rotate items?

Alt; spin an item on primary axis

Ctrl + Alt; rotate item on secondary axis

Shift + Alt; rotate item on tertiary axis


How do I stack items on top of each other?

Use F5 to change the items attachment mode to "surface".  Use F1 to disable the grid for precision placement.


What does room clipping do?

Room clipping (F3) allows you to sink items into the walls and place items in doorways.  However, items must always be connected to a room.  No matter how much you clip or float them, they must still be within or touching a rooms boundaries.


What does angle snap do?

Angle snap cycles through angles that an item will snap to when rotating. You can also set a custom angle with the slash command /anglesnap #degrees.


Can I duplicate or copy an item?

Unfortunately not.  You have to pull each item from the editor one at a time.


Can I scale an item down/up?

Nope.  Items are baked into their own scale.


Can I group items together?

There is no function or command to do so at this time.


How do I move a room with stuff in it?

Moving decorated rooms is a PITA.  It can be done... you just have to make sure that absolutely nothing is touching the walls.  Even anything on the floor must be moved away from the walls.  Also, there needs to be an absolutely clear space for a connecting door at the place you intend to move the room to.  The tiniest vent or cable touching a wall will prevent the room from either moving or attaching to the new spot.


How do I get open skies?

One of the styles for high ceilings is open sky.  It will show the default world sky.  You must have the section set to the highest ceiling to see it.


How do I change the default sky?

Use the slash command /base_default_sky [0-15] as described in the Base Builders Cheat Sheet


What are sky "boxes"?  How do they work?

There is a sky option in the item tabs.  These are box volumes of sky effects. When placed in an area that has the open sky ceiling, you will see the chosen sky effect.


Can I customize NPCs?

No, they like to customize themselves.  NPCs will change every time the base map is loaded.


What's going on with the lingering fx?

Certain items with fx will leave a ghost when moved.  This can get worse the longer you stay in edit mode.  Recommend exiting the base to reset.  Sometimes logging out of the game is necessary.


Yikes!  I have duplicate entrance portals!

This is actually fairly rare.  If exiting the base, or re-logging the game does not fix it, you may need to wait for the next server maintenance.  You can also submit a help ticket, or try contacting an @OnDuty GM in Discord to help.


Yikes! I've encased my entrance portal in a wall/pillar!

Make sure you are in "create room", "place item", or "current room" mode.  When you have a section highlighted, you will notice that the object window shows a graphic that is divided into sections; two sections on top, one large middle section, and two sections on bottom.  You can add/remove the sections as desired with that graphic.


Yikes!  I've deleted something I didn't intend to.

Ctrl + Z is your new best friend.  You can undo up to 8 levels.  However, according to the i25 patch notes, touching a storage item in any way clears all undo history.


Are there any working doors?

Not as items.  But you can create clickable doors with the teleport system.  Hide a porter in/behind a door, but leave enough out to be clickable.


How do teleporters and beacons work?

Teleporters must be paired with beacons to work.  They are connected by proximity.  Teleport and beacon styles must match; arcane 'porters to arcane beacons, tech 'porters to tech beacons.  Each teleporter can support 10 beacons.


What are teleport points, and how do they work?

These are new, specifically to be used within the base.  You can now create intra-base porters.  There are new beacons that match the points. Teleport points are the landing spots that the corresponding beacons tell the 'porters to go to. Teleporters and beacons must still be matched up (by proximity and by style) to transport to a point.  The point itself can be placed anywhere.


How do I build outside?

To build on top of a base, follow these steps:

    1.      Enable room clipping

    2.      Fill a section (or room) with a wall pillar

    3.      Put stuff on top of it.

    4.      You can build above up to a height of 900 or a low of -2,000 but you still have to stay close to the lateral edges of the base plot (or room).


How do I move between inside and outside?

To move between while in edit mode, you may want to set a section with "open sky" ceilings and use that as a "doorway". 

To travel between indoor and outside while in normal game, you will need to set up some intra-base teleporters.


How does outdoor lighting work?

Outdoor lighting brings ambient light to the entire world (including inside the base) as if it were a zone.  As it cycles through day/night you will get all the shades of outdoor lighting.

But there's a catch.

Outdoor lighting disables indoor ambient light, and also breaks lamps and other functional item light sources.

At this time, we cannot have both.


Why can't I see things that are far away?

Your draw distance may be low.  To adjust, use the slash command /vis_scale # and set it for any value from 1-20. (hint: 20 is best)


Can I delete a room above/below an outer build?

Not a good idea.  No matter how much an item is clipped or floated, it must still remain in contact with its room boundaries.  Deleting a room will delete all its items.

The exception to this is that you cannot delete a room if there are salvage units with stored items.


Can I save and move my base to another server?

Yes and No.  You can save your base for posterity with a demorecord.  It will create a file with all the base information.  However, Homecoming does not support moving it between servers.  There is also no guarantee that another private server will be able to do so.


What happens if I transfer my character to another server?

If you move a character to another server, they will lose their sg membership. If that character is the sole member of a base, both the sg and the base will be lost to the void.








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On live, we relegated all of the base stuff to our leader and he admittedly wasn't sure what to spend the prestige on without being wasteful and admittedly he said he didn't know HOW to do certain things. I bet this is what he needed. My thing was to just tag along on mish's and TFs, and dump any unused AV ENH I got from drops or super packs into storage.

Our team base was stark and barren, but I thought it was beautiful. It was just 4 squares inter-connecting each other. One room was just 3 telepads and I think one was "broken" (I didn't know what that meant back then. It just didn't have any Beacons for it!)

Just having access to a super base with standard craft tables, telepads and storage space was awesome. Just being a "member" made me so happy.

But now that I've gotten to play with it (and with your help from this FAQ, keeping me from losing my mind trying to orient things or change things), I have a whole new appreciation of this game. Thanks to you and the devs and gms, I have had my eyes opened-up a whole new dimension my Super's story. And I can now see how awesome and gratifying it is to be able to have something in your brain and make it into a thing you can perceive with your eyes. +1 INF.

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8 minutes ago, Rooster Gold said:

How do you select/change the attachment to surface/floor options?

With the item selected, press F5 until the desired location comes up.

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1 hour ago, Scarlet Shocker said:

Wonderful FAQ thanks for doing it.


With regard to entrance room, I understand you cannot delete it, but is it possible in any way to change its size? I would like to make a bigger entrance if at all possible.

Not directly, but you can place doorways  side-by-side leading into an adjacent room which will make it look bigger.

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31 minutes ago, krj12 said:

Is it possible to create a base without any walls?  I'd like an outdoor feel with plenty of trees.


Indeed it is.  Look up the videos @Dacy put together and has linked here in the Base Building forums.  You can build above the base, essentially making it outside.  You could also get away with hiding walls behind trees and other fauna, but to me it is much less work to build above the base.  Here is a screencap of a base I just finished.  It is in a forest and is done above the base.




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15 hours ago, krj12 said:

Interesting.   So, does the person entering the base have to know to fly up to the top level?   From the example, the entrance room was still down below.


In order to have the entrance below and the base above, you would need to set up a teleport point to take them outside.  Please do check out the videos @Dacy made that I linked to above.  Your answers to how do to this are in there.

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The entrance room doesn't have to be where everyone comes in.  You can move the entrance portal above base and that's where people will load in.


This is where people will enter Atlantis (just off the island in Talos with the cove).  This is above the base level.  The glowy on the left in the "whirlpool" is how people get down to Atlantis proper. 


When I type /editbase 1 I'm still dumped in the actual entrance room, but with an open sky on the high ceiling, I can just fly right out of the lower part of the base for building purposes.  Also, if you need to get back to the entrance portal, /stuck takes you to the portal, not the entrance room.

Atlantis Entrance.JPG

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22 minutes ago, EpochParadox said:

Is there a way to delete the entire base and start over? I've messed something up that I can't seem to undo and would like very much to just start over.

You could disband the supergroup by having all members leave the SG player-list. Another option is to simply delete all the rooms in your base, with the exception of the entrance room containing the Secret Entrance portal.



Edited by Giovanni Valia


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SG: Shades of Arachnos; 315-6811

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On 7/7/2020 at 11:18 AM, Giovanni Valia said:

You could disband the supergroup by having all members leave the SG player-list. Another option is to simply delete all the rooms in your base, with the exception of the entrance room containing the Secret Entrance portal.


You cannot delete rooms if they have any salvage containing containers. 


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On 12/14/2020 at 12:13 AM, Darkesyde said:

I don't have a lot of time for base construction. Can I workshop a base on Brainstorm and move it to Live when/if I'm happy with it?

Nope....there is no way to move bases between shards.  Just make it on your home shard and make the entry room all function...then work on the rest of it as you have time and make the last thing you do be making the elaborate part accessible.  

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Copy/paste, group item (make pieces one cohesive, moveable/placeable object), plus perhaps utilizing more of the f keys so you can directly choose floor, surface, etc instead of tabbing through...so many things that could be done. And who knows, maybe will be done, some day.



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