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Energy Armor/Entropy DE-buffs self with Enhancements

Max Firepower

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Rolled a shiny new Energy Melee / Energy Armor Scrapper.  Once I had slotted some castoff DO enhancements as I leveled up, I was checking defenses and noted I was getting a recharge debuff from my own Entropy Shield.


When I slotted in SO enhancements, the debuff became more pronounced.  About 8% with DO, I think, currently about 16% at L26 with SO.

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I am also seeing this bug...very sad.  Please fix!  My brand-new Energy Melee/Energy Aura Scrapper is unnaturally slowed!


edit:  it also shows the debuff rings around the character's forearms, like when you're slowed.

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1 minute ago, Sailboat said:

Hopefully we can get acknowledgement of this issue and at least get on the radar.

Its already been fixed. Currently on Staging 


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