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S.R.M.F.C. One Year Anniversary Event!

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It'll be one year since my first Sharkhead Rikti Monkey Fight Club Event on the Homecoming Servers on the 22nd of this month.

I would like to celebrate that milestone!


So, at 6pm Eastern this Monday the 22nd of February, come on down to the Rikti Monkey Fight Club in Sharkhead Isle of the Everlasting Shard if you wish to partake in the festivities!

I'll be banking a tonne or two of Inf for the event, and there will be Super Packs and other goodies available as door prizes!


Got a Threat Level 20 to 25 Villain?  Speak to Commandant Nongratis about getting thrown in to the cage to see if you can best the monkeys yourself!


Other activities pending guest contributors (such as a potential Speak-Easy themed costume contest).


I hope to see you there!




Remember that real gambling is not permitted on Homecoming.  

Any activities taking place at this event are strictly for entertainment and roleplay purposes only.  

No actual money will be changing hands.


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Thanks, @rookery..  I'm happy to have this be a bit of a community potluck of ne'er-do-well roleplay and the like.

@Ry has volunteered to be a ring girl as Mortar.

If anyone wants to run the bar, that could be handy.

Any DJs out there want to provide some tunes?  Last time we had someone providing a set with lots of electro-swing.

I think it could be good to have a pair of ringside commentators, perhaps. Write up a bunch of keybinds to give play-by-plays of the matches, and then dissect the previous match as sports commentators do.  Maybe have them actually comment on an audio channel/radio for people to listen in?

Judges for a costume contest or two would be good.

And, of course, a bouncer and/or coat-check (where out-of-character this player could monitor who's coming and going; giving each attendee the rundown on the rules, and marking down the Global Handles so door prizes can be mailed out after the event).


I'm also open to suggestions for other roles and positions!

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Informal Costume contest. Say that someone is judging contests between X and X +15 mins times. No posing, no lines, just peeps being in character. Then after the juding be done, the judges announce winners.


Just a thought, I suq at considering the logistics.

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