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Don't makr posts as edited until a few minutes have passed since posting or someone else has responded

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I don't proofread my posts because that's for nerds so I usually have to edit them afterwards to fix typos. The notices that my posts have been edited dog me like a mark of shame. Other forums I've posted on don't actually mark posts as edited until they've been up for a little while (like 15 minutes, I think?) or someone has posted after you. Any chance that could happen here, too?

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Was that "makr" intentional?


Anyway, a better solution may be a "Preview" button, which a forum user can optionally toggle as the default behaviour when clicking "Submit Reply."

Any edits performed during the Preview period don't get listed as edits, BUT the post is also invisible to the general users of the forum.  However, it will still "reserve" the spot in the discussion.

Let's say the preview period is 5 minutes, and then (more options is best options) it will either reset to stored in the text editor, OR will post regardless, user's choice.

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Posted (edited)

I edit all my posts repeatedly.  The next time you feel ashamed, you can tell yourself "well, GM Tahquitz does it too!" 😄

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I am a pretty bad offender of posting them making edits myself. So I try to proof-read, occasionally typing up in an outside WordDoc first.


However, I do still feel the edits should still be marked because in some cases someone has already viewed the message and is typing out a response. Removing the context point without leaving erasure marks could make a responder look confused/bad.

Edited by Nayeh
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What? wait....uh

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