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  1. If you are going to adjust merits for MLTF then equate it to redside LRSF. Currently without the extra flier merits MLTF gives 12 more merits than the equivalent redside TF. You complete them roughly in the same amount of time on less than world record speedrun timings.
  2. Editing after someone has quoted your initial post and looking like a dunce is one of the great traditions of the internet.
  3. This is a great suggestion and should be implemented ASAP.
  4. There is so much going on and so many things to do that I can completely understand that HC overlooked or low prioritized this. Even things that are reported and consistently have bug reports put in take time to get done.
  5. It's even worse on uneven ground where the entire ground effect disappears. I'm not a fan of where they left it and wish they would have considered usability a little more.
  6. This a million times. Also port the arachnos mace to and from normal maces in weapon customization and stop Spiderlings (and other spiders) from constantly firing off their VFX and SFX crackle.
  7. When using the Windfall temp power the warning text (before you use the power) states it gives 25% influence. The power itself no longer provides an influence bonus (and verified with CoD) so this text should be adjusted or even better it could be reinstated now that the AE double inf bug has been fixed. Either way it should reflect what the actual values are. Thanks.
  8. No I wasn't aware it was going to be fixed. But assuming that is a bit counter productive. If I did I wouldn't have wasted the time or the respec on my 2 Trick Arrow characters.
  9. Just for posterity sake a respec did not fix my EMP field. It is still broken.
  10. I am having the same type of problem. My Trick Arrow characters previously had coloration on their EMP arrow and certain others, now it's reset to pure white (not the normal bluish) and there doesn't seem to be any way to get it to change. Do you think a respec would fix it?
  11. Except that this change is not going to promote KM play but rather detract from it. You are not enticing any KM stalkers to play and provide testing data when you further negatively impact an under-performing set. However if you do it when you actually revamp a set you will see a large amount of testing and because you can patch the beta server you can test both iterations at 100% and 50% within it's new set balance without negatively impacting anyone on live who is playing an under-performing set.
  12. You can take the flight power and use the backpack options. Personally I'd love it if the Goldbricker would be a backpack option.
  13. I feel that this is a direction that the HC dev team is taking. There have been a slew of changes that have a negative impact on the current while being said that "WHEN we do a balance pass on this set, then maybe we'll look at changing X". I don't like this. If you want to maximize your time and do sweeping changes only (getting away from cherry picking for example) you need to consider the amount of time it will take for you to get to that balance pass. If it's not breaking anything it is far, far better to keep the current balance consideration for things that are not negative changes and w
  14. You keep saying this like it's real. It's absolutely false. If you need a "Tray full of Breakfrees" your problem is playing the game, not the powers in the game.
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