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  1. And his DPS goes in the gutter because he howls so often too. All around bad 😞
  2. I agree. If you are talking about a hero who whose entire shtick is teleportation then he fits the bill. I think it's a good suggestion and it could include a disorient and since the mechanics are already coded into the game requires only a small development cost.
  3. I feel this topic has lost it's way a little, though I am definitely with the stance that there is a way to have preferential play styles exist with the QoL direction that HC is attempting to provide, HC has sewn the seeds, let them grow and now are reaping the rewards of their procrastination regarding the change to the entire environment of the game, just like the Null decision. I didn't intend it, but the weekly discussion topic is the Power Pools, so I feel that any ideas/offerings that we could provide here to help address the Teleport Power Pool would get more visibility than normal and I'd like to focus on that. While there is a vocal minority that thinks the Teleport Pool is not impacted by baseporting I think the consensus is that even without the baseporting, even if HC follows through with their promise to remove the command and put in some sort of restricted Power it will not change the need to adjust the Teleport pool. Turning Teleport into beta Jaunt is a good idea however it is implemented balance wise, though I think that set itself was designed without having these free no-slot powers as a standard. I think there is room to remove at least 1 (my preference would be 2) powers from the pool and concentrate the current abilities among the remaining 3. What would be good and thematic powers to fill up those slot(s) with? I feel that Teleport needs an attack power of some type. Based on how the teleportation mechanic (as we imagine it) works, I feel a "Disintegration" power that "teleports" pieces of the enemy away would be fitting. Doing a reasonable amount of damage as well as some sort of debuff. I also feel a Wormhole-ish power would also be thematically fitting. I don't want to take it away from Gravity Control because that is, by far, one of the coolest and fun powers of the set and I don't want to give people a reason to not choose to be gravity controllers simply because they have access to the Teleport pool but perhaps it could be used as an a anchor. Putting a debuff on enemies in an AOE that when it triggers (like every 5 seconds with a total duration of 11 seconds for 2 ticks) it pulls them back to that spot. This would allow players with Knockpack AOEs or powers to use them, blow everyone away then have them cluster up again if used in tandem with the power. This would also have the side effect of lessening the stigma of some Energy sets and Peacebringers.
  4. This seems like a huge chunk of the game to only devote one week to. Instead of individual ideas I'd rather propose a hierarchy of where development time should be spent on improving. Depending on the person I think any of these could be ranked differently by preference, but they are all in need of attention and work. 1. Presence 2. Teleportation 3. Medicine 4. Force of Will 5. Concealment Honorary Mention (as it relates to other Patron Pools) Leviathan Mastery
  5. I agree that it would be almost functionally the same. In either case, whether it does happen or it comes with enough restrictions to make using it, the Prestige Powers, and the Day Job Powers the Teleport Pool is still left flapping in the wind if it is not adjusted.
  6. I refer back to MTeague's first post. If they can release an entire "Page", "fix" tankers and release new Power Pools but not fix this exploit, it begs the question if this really is an exploit.
  7. This is 100% happening all the time. I personally have given away a macro for it probably 100 times in the last 4 months. It's just an assumed part of how the game is played. This is why I feel that simply removing it may be of debate with HC because of it's impact on the community. It would be much different if it wasn't introduced by HC and it wasn't left in for more time than it hasn't been in the game. Unlike the Patrol x2 influence thing, this isn't an exploit, even if it is exploited by players. It was introduced by HC.
  8. It's more telling that you consider this combative and I need to defend my position. That should be enough to show you why it's not worth my time wasting discussing this topic with you. Unlike you I'm not interested in turning things personal and feeding a flame war.
  9. Yes I have, but due to your blinders I don't think you'll figure out how that was possible. The rest of your extremely TL;DR post is just posturing or wrong. I'm not trying to argue with a TRUE BELIEVER like you I am here to suggest to the people who can do something about it and may have a more open mind than you and crowdsource some balanced, fair or inventive upgrades to Teleport Pool.
  10. I think this is a step in the right direction but I wouldn't want a full power devoted to it. Perhaps it could be arranged so if you have 3 powers in the Teleport pool you automatically receive the Superior version.
  11. 1.) The need summon your friends to you anymore outside of TFs is reduced, they already got where they need to go either before you or so quickly that you having that power doesn't matter. This has happened constantly in my personal experience and the accompanying deflating of the person who picked Teleport Pool follows. 2.) Look the part where I said it has some niche uses. Maybe you had better look up what niche means. 3.) Yes it does. You zone to base, then zone back to the same zone at the baseport point. A little more limited than the power, but it's free however the power may be more attractive if you have slow load times (many do not). If you are going to argue that this doesn't matter when deciding to pick a Power Pool then you have been drinking too much Enriche. 4.) Yes it does. See #3. Re: Warshades, Yes this does impact them, but I would argue even with all those powers that are inherent and are a part of the balance of their kit, they are still better than Peacebringers, but this isn't about AT balance. It simply shows how the interlocking system of baseport marginalizes teleportation powers. Everything else you said is extremely subjective or just flat out wishful thinking.
  12. And you are far understating it. While I said there are uses to the pool (which you seem to have tripped over in order to try to make your argument) there is no way that they have not been reduced in attractiveness/effectiveness with the introduction of baseport. As MTeague has pointed out, they have not removed it and there is no evidence that they will or that there is any priority to do so. Personally, I feel the backlash from simply taking it away (since it was introduced and left in so long) with it having such a huge impact on game play would be significant. There would also be enough community outrage that it would factor into HC's decision. It also does not fit the direction that Homecoming has gone to make the game more accessible for casual players with their other implemented decisions. That is why I feel it is more important to deal with the reality of what is instead of the reality of what we want and look for possible solutions to the issue. The Teleport Pool is unattractive and even it's niche usefulness is marginalized and it deserves some attention.
  13. The crab backpack has a number of issues. If you are a Crab you get a backpack on all your costumes, no matter what. Also there is almost no variety/color options for it. It could definitely use some extra types of backpack and coloring options of existing models.
  14. There have been a number of changes that the Homecoming team has done that is reversing the mechanics of the base game (whether you agree with them or not doesn't matter). As an example we have Null the Gull unrestricted alignment changes which allows more freedom without investment (and many would argue a significant QoL improvement) but at the cost of trivializing and diminishes Safeguard and Mayhem Missions, the alignment system (now thrown out the window for all intents and purposes) and progression. However, that isn't the one I want to discuss, I want to discuss /enterbasefrompasscode. While extremely convenient it certainly has changed the way content/existing systems have worked. The most important of these in my mind is the Teleport Pool has been extremely marginalized. This pool was already in a state of poor trade-offs, but there were some key advantages to it (and to a small degree some of those still exist). At the same time the basecode was introduced it was not adjusted to compensate for what was taken from it in this change. On top of that the Sorcery pool was already dipping into some of Teleports place and the Experimentation Pool was introduced with another more attractive version as well. The reality is there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. Basecodes and Pool crossover are here to stay, but at the same time there needs to be some effort put into adjusting how this affects the entire dynamic of Pool powers. I'm sure there are any number of decent ideas floating around the creative minds here that could improve Teleport, we simply need it to be prioritized understanding the new environment that Homecoming has created.
  15. Can we know what we're trying to test here? Is it a simple stress test of the que system? Is it to test the drops we currently get from queing Itrials? (It's normal to see up to 4 people drop from an iTrial league)
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