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Giant Monster Accolade Badge

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There should really be a badge for defeating every giant monster in the game.  Or an accolade, even if there isn't a power associated with it.


Ideas for Accolade badge names.:  
Monster Master/Mistress
Monster Mash?
Monster Killer
Giant Slayer
Monster Merit Maker
Destroy All Monsters

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Fear me, Puny Immortal!

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The power that must be associated with such an Accolade is the power to transform into a giant sized version of your alt.  It is only available on outdoor maps,  and only in the presence of another GM.   5 minute duration,  30 minute recharge time.


After all, wouldn't you like to transform, look the giant in the eye and say "pick on someone your own size!!!" ?

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God I just had to jump on the name train, I love this kinda stuff.


Badge name ideas:

- The Bigger They Are (desc.: "The Harder They Fall")

- If It Bleeds

- Apex Predator

- Hurt Them Plenty

- Hunter of Atrocities

- Bigger Boat (Jaws reference)

- Monstercide

- Power Gap (The description would be like, "They never stood a chance.")

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Titan Bane <--- badge/accolade name

Accolade power (if there is one):

Titan Bane
A clickable self buff with:
1 min duration

10 min recharge (not affected by global recharge)

Gives all your attack powers a stackable -50% regen, -10% to-hit, -10% res, -15% def

for 15 seconds each stack if the target is a Giant Monster.



That would be pretty cool and relatively useful for future GM encounters, especially if you intend to solo them.

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