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Kracken Badge - Why am I not getting it?


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You (or your team) need to do 10% of the damage inflicted to a GM to get rewarded for the kill.  The GMs have a level but its hidden and i believe Kraken is level 16.  If you are lower level then the GM,  you will deal damage as if you are 1 level higher then the monster.  so if you are lvl 10,  your attacks would damage as if you are level 17.  If you are higher level then your attacks hit as if you are the same level as the monster.  So being lower level then the GM means you actually do more damage but for someone to exemplar down usually means they lose access to so many abilities that it isnt worth it.

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50 minutes ago, Snarky said:

The player got the merits but not the badge.  Are there different requirements for each then?


Yes. I'm not entirely sure what the minimum requirement is to get the merits. Quite possibly, you just might need to be in the zone. Or maybe just hit the monster for any damage at all.


A few weeks ago, I was transiting through Talos when I spotted six Kronos titans by the tram station. Despite repeated requests, no one invited me to their team(s). I tried to add my low level might anyway. I got a whole boatload of merits but no badge.



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On 8/9/2021 at 6:58 AM, Snarky said:

The player got the merits but not the badge.  Are there different requirements for each then?

The requirements for merits are simply to have dealt some damage. Like..1HP worth. The requirements for badge are different. You, or your team must have dealt 10% or more damage to get the badge. 

Consider Eochai and Jack in Irons. They often are seen fighting each other in the Vale. If they are seen after they have been fighting for a long time, then they will have done a ton of damage to each other. But because of their massive regen (because they have so much HP), your average team comes along, kills them, but gets no badge. And people are a bit disappointed, and perhaps confused because they were at full health when you found them. 

This is because Jack did more than 90% of the damage on Eochai. and vice-versa.  As it stands now, the game looks at the point where the GM spawned, tracks how much damage it's taken by a team (or solo player) and if that total of damage is less than 10% of the total HP, all you get are merits. 

So, as an example, I don't know Jack or Eochai's HP, but let's say they're both 100K HP. 

Jack and Eochai are dukin' it out for 11 minutes. During this time, each has done enough damage to have killed them 11x over - 1.1 million HP. You come along with your magnificent ice blaster and drop blizzard with some red inspirations, and amazingly freeze/damage them to zero. You've only dealt them each 100K damage. But the game tabulates that as less than 10% damage, given how much damage Jack and Eochai dished out against each other before you got there. So, you get merits, but no badge. 

All of those numbers - I pulled out of thin air. No idea how much time may elapse and you can still get the badges. The shorter the duration, the better. Anecdotally, at least 10 minutes is safe. Beyond that, can't say. I've never waited that long to clobber them. In this experience the chap with the star had far more patience than I did. (waiting for more folks - heck, we already had over a dozen, he kept making us wait - and with two teams, I was pretty irritated, wondering if I'd get the badge, cuz my team had two lowbies that may not have helped with dps that much. ) 

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