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ToT Tip missions


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Was trying to badge with friends.  Chatting in Discord.  Bitching about only one of us getting a Halloween tip despite previous nights halloween leagues.  Devising SG strategies for getting tips and utilizing them best



Then one of us read that YOU NEED TO BE IN COSTUME To get Halloween tips.   

cheers folks.  We laughed for half hour. (And got all 7 badges in that time

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12 hours ago, momentarygrace said:

I ToT until I get spectral pirate, then I'm happy to wear that for hours. 🙂


Bonus points for this costume if you fly, it has a unique flight pose that's unavailable to players otherwise.

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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Gunslinger costume is hilarilously bugged. My cape and kilt remained, giving an utterly strange effect... cowboy drag queen? Screenshot when I have a minute.


I do love vigilante-ing around as a freak tank, though!




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14 hours ago, Shenanigunner said:

Gunslinger costume is hilarilously bugged.

I think I saw that too.  My toon's wearing that "very tattered" robe" in a bright green color and it looked pretty odd over that dark Gunslinger look.  Kind of fun though, I bet some of us could make clipping work for costumes.


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