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Hello. I'm here to help.


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12 hours ago, TraumaTrain said:

Can you decorate my SG base?

I can, but 1) you would have to grant me access to your base and base editor; and 2) I have bad taste, mediocre base building skills, and questionable trustworthiness.

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8 hours ago, Senbonbanana said:

My Inv/SS tank could use the last few levels to 50 and a several million inf to finish IO'ing out his build.  That would help me personally!  😜


Joking aside, welcome to Excelsior.  We're a friendly bunch!

Can do!


Where you at?

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5 hours ago, Bionic_Flea said:

Wow!  Those costumes are awesome!  Are you a fashion designer IRL?


But this is not in game!


I feel betrayed by the fabric of deception and lies you are pulling over my eyes.


The disappointment is so intense, you could make a full IO set with it.

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