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What was the purpose of Tesla Cage chanining?


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Maybe report it as a bug? I can't imagine that damage of 1.25 is WAI.


Also, I think I recognize your avatar. If I may ask, didn't you go by a different name on the retail forums?

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This is a complicated power definition.  The base damage if the chains is indeed 1.25, but I think they're affected by a magnitude expression.  Does anyone have the power in-game and see what damage numbers the chains show when they happen?


Edit: also fwiw CoD claims that the chain effects recovery debuff is -40%, not -10%.  Though I agree that even if the recovery debuff is 40%, an uncontrolled random recovery debuff is an uncompelling effect for a blaster.

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On 2/4/2022 at 12:38 PM, DarknessEternal said:

It does nothing that matters.


The damage is irrelevant (1.25 damage at 50).

It drains 1 endurance from the chains.

It only applies -10% recovery from the chains.

The chains cannot proc any enhancements.


What was this supposed to do?


The damage you're referencing is for the bonus Zapping damage. The base damage for the power does 0.1 scale, while offering up Zapping for an extra 20% damage (0.02 scale).


When Tesla Cage chain jumps, that damage gets increased. The formula for that is 2.33 x Chain Jump # (up to 4 jumps). To break that down, here is what the damage will be (blaster mods in parenthesis). Note, I am not including the 20% bonus damage for Zapping:

  • Main target: 0.10 scale (6.26)
  • Targets hit by 1st jump: 0.233 scale (14.58)
  • Targets hit by 2nd jump: 0.466 scale (29.15)
  • Targets hit by 3rd jump: 0.699 scale (43.73)
  • Targets hit by 4th jump: 0.932 scale (58.31)


Keep in mind, that's just the damage. The endurance and recovery drain also should be affected by the multiplier. The main target takes 20% end drain and 100% recovery drain (set to MainTargetOnly). For the chained portion it's an initial 1% end drain and 10% recovery drain (SecondaryTargetsOnly). This makes the following impact:

  • Main target: 20% end drain, 100% recovery debuff
  • Targets hit by 1st jump: 2.33% end drain, 23.3% recovery debuff
  • Targets hit by 2nd jump: 4.66% end drain, 46.6% recovery debuff
  • Targets hit by 3rd jump: 6.99% end drain, 69.9% recovery debuff
  • Targets hit by 4th jump: 9.32% end drain, 93.2% recovery debuff

Anyways, it's not a game changer, but it's also free extras. You get to use your single target hold while in AoE situations and get some splash impacts.

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