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Wow, just now seeing this.  My SG Unleashed on Champion server back in the day was coalitioned with his: Earthguard.  Sad to hear.  😞


As a tribute to Marut, he showed me how to lead the Blaster team in early Hami Raids.  He gave me millions and millions of INF when it was hard to come by (for me).  I always considered his advice on the Champion forums when the drama was heavy and it was ALWAYS heavy.  I remember he lived at least at one time in Rochester NY and he helped people out in RL situations where and when he could.  I really wish I could have caught up with him when CoH picked back up on Homecoming.  I did ask around, but no one seen him.   If there was one Champion to be named back on Champion server in my book, that Champion was Marut.  

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