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@Dinictus, also known as Squeakieclean.

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Her brother gave me the news that a car accident happened and everyone in the car lost their lives. She had disappeared for a month now and I was worried sick as the days happened and someone I spoke to nearly every day gave no sign of life.


Squeakie was my best friend. I had known her for close to ten years through thick and thin. She was one of the best persons I knew capable of juggling a RL relationship, volunteering at a home for the elderly, having a social group of RL friends, do D&D sessions, donating blood, donating time, be part of the red cross first response effort, battle against the world injustices.


I have done my share of ugly crying today and typing this it is happening again. She was my best friend and sole confident with whom memes were shared, jokes, with who I would vent about bad days. My life now has a hole that will never be filled again and I see the days as a succession of no-Squeakie-to-share-my-life-with.


I have many acquaintances, but friends? There was that one.


I bring this here because though she did not use the forums much she was active in the game and had many friends. Friends that I cannot easily reach and let them of what happened. Perhaps word of mouth will reach them so that there is closure.

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Oh wow, she sounds like such a beautiful person and soul, the kind we need more of in this world. I did not know her, but your story about her put me in tears.


/em holdtorch


May she rest in peace; I am sure her presence is greatly missed. ❤️

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