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Taking art commissions! [Closed]


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At the risk of sounding too forward: Hi, I'm Flashtoo, and I'll draw your characters if you give me money.


Special Quarantine Discount Arts!

In addition to my usual work (still available, see below) I'm selling HALF-PRICE DRAWINGS with SIMPLE COLOR.

Discounted art is fully digital as opposed to having real-pencil lines, and color is flat or with optional cel shading. No complicated poses or background elements. Extremely detailed costume parts may be simplified. I'll still run stuff by you for approval!


Discount Head-To-Toe: $60

Discount Half-Body: $35
Discount Headshot: $20


Discount Art Examples:


3-25-katy.png.27dbb27c5ffe7cd1a27e3d68604dfd26.png 298319827_3-25-eiColor.thumb.png.db41ad785a443072977aab887c46fb3a.png




Tl;dr breakdown of basic pricing -

  • Full color, Head-to-toe: $120 and up (depending on complexity)
  • Full color, Half-body: $70 and up
  • Full color, Headshot: $40 flat
  • Clean pencils, Head-to-toe: $65 and up
  • Clean pencils, Half-body: $50 and up
  • Clean pencils, headshot: $25 flat
  • Price is per character - adding a second character to a picture may up to double the price
  • Moderate to major variations on the same picture e.g. different weapon options or hairstyles are doable at varying price points based on the nature of the variation
  • Addition of color to pre-existing lines (either mine or lines you have purchased from another artist with permission to have them colored later) can be done for the difference in price between my own colored and clean-pencil work.

Free services I will provide for customers - 

  • Any full-color image will be provided in both web-ready and print-ready formats
  • Recolor of colored art previously purchased from me
  • Minor variations e.g. with and without special effects
  • Compositing two or more previously-purchased images into one, e.g. for character lineups


The detailed version of what it says above:


Basically, I could use the money and I need to keep myself in practice. People and animals (and mythical creatures for that matter) are my favorite subjects for drawing, so that means CHARACTER PORTRAITS FOR SALE! I'm usually pretty quick - you get your art within a few days of starting, generally, barring outside forces preventing me from doing work (i.e. illness, equipment malfunction, etc) - and I take payment half upfront and half on delivery. You receive: A high-resolution Jpeg suited for printing, and a png sized for web display.


Typically I charge $120-$160 for a full color head-to-toe character* with simple background elements if desired and variants such as "Can I have a second version in which the character is wearing a hat" and "Aura on/aura off versions," and this includes constant consultation with you on things like posing, expression, exact details, and any other point to make sure you're getting something that satisfies you completely and captures exactly what kind of energy you're hoping for to represent your character. If there's anything that's even slightly unclear, I will clarify it with you before proceeding. Also, if you want something changed later like a weapon or armor upgrade on the same picture, I'll do that for a smaller fee based on the magnitude of the change unless it's just a straight color swap or compositing two existing images I've done to you into a single file (e.g. for a character lineup) in which case I offer that service for free, included in the original price.


If you want something that isn't stated outright in the above pricing breakdown like cel shading, a complex background, or for the image in question to be prepared as a tattoo design instead of an art print, I can do that too and will gladly discuss that with you and how it will affect pricing.


*adding a second character increases the price accordingly, up to double the cost of a single-character piece if both characters have complicated designs



Yuz2YNM.png X5f15qG.png sY9nWhS.png w0iPYK8.png pkllY5O.png spacer.png

Want more examples? Here's my dA!


What I need from you to begin:

- Screenshots are good visual reference, saved .costume files are even better. Mostly, this is all I need and I can do the rest from verbal description. Exception: If you want a character wearing something that isn't present in the game at all, you don't necessarily need to give me pictures, just a description of what you want (e.g. "an evening gown and high-heeled ankle boots with fancy jewelry," "eighteenth-century French military uniform," or even "an outfit that looks like it belongs in [insert other canon that has a distinct style here]" etc) and I can extrapolate/design based on that.

- If you do have something very specific in mind that isn't possible to capture in a screenshot, send a photo of that too. For instance, if your character has a particular tattoo, if there's a particular celebrity or model you imagine having a similar face, or if one of the costume parts you've used is a case of 'this is just the closest but actually it's like this,' send me pictures of those things if possible, as it takes away some guesswork.

- If you have a pose or action in mind, obviously say so - especially if it's two characters. Images of similar poses are helpful but not mandatory.

- If you're ordering two characters in the same picture, I need to know how tall they are so they can be drawn proportionate to each other.

- Please, please give me a few words on your character's general attitude and personality. I don't want a full life story, but some descriptors like "bookish," "focused," "laid back," "genki," "flirtatious," or "Spider-man-like wisecracking" will help me with body language and expression.


What I will and won't do:

- YES: Work with you to get everything perfect. I mean it.

- YES: Characters that exist anywhere along the spectrum of 'fully human' through all levels of anthro-ness straight to semi-realistic normal animal or mythical beast of any species.

- YES: Non-human body plans e.g. centaur, extra arms, insectoid, or whatever else.

- YES: Mechanical stuff WITH REFERENCE PROVIDED. Rigid, inorganic shapes are not my specialty and while I don't mind if they're part of your design, they're harder and more time consuming for me to do and I'm not up to the task of being terribly inventive with them.

- YES: Blood, wounds, and general body horror to a moderate degree. I draw the line where I have to learn any more internal anatomy than the skeleton. Tetsuo? Sure! But no vivisections, please.

- YES: Sexy pin-ups of any gender, provided the character is an adult.

- YES: Child characters in a wholesome context (e.g. no situations that could be seen as sexual or otherwise too dark)

- YES: Incorporate elements of a particular genre or style on request if such would deviate from my norm ("more anime," "Disney-like," art nouveau, etc)

- YES: Characters from things other than CoH; I'm not picky.

- NO: Hardcore pornography. Non-sexualized nudity is OK (Dr. Manhattan, Michaelangelo's David, Birth of Venus).

- NO: Torture scenes. Interrogation and toying with an enemy at a character's mercy is not necessarily torture.

- NO: Vomit. Personal phobia, sorry, non-negotiable. Bleeding/oozing from the mouth is OK but no depictions of violent expulsion of stomach contents.

- NO: Vore or cannibalism.



Presently: Open For Business

I'll take up to four customers at once. Send details on what you want through forum PM or Discord - I'm Flashtoo#8329.


Waiting list -


1 Lady Cat

2 Clam Leader



Edited by Flashtoo

Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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- YES: Sexy pin-ups of any gender, provided the character is an adult.

While I'm not interested in anything of the sexy pin-up variety for any of them, many of my characters are adolescents ... which can be notoriously hard to draw and get right, looking like their intended age.  All too often, in my experience, they either look like much younger kids (like, half or two-thirds their intended age), or else, just especially-short adults.  So, how good are you at drawing, say, a 13 to 15 year old?  Especially one in superhero garb and in a heroic pose, or an otherwise typical-teenager pose?  :)


Not that I can promise to be able to convince myself to figure out how to afford your fee; it's entirely reasonable, but still rather dauntingly steep for my budget.  :)

Global Handle: @PaxArcana ... Home servers on Live: Freedom Virtue ... Home Server on HC: Torchbearer

Archetype: Casual Gamer ... Powersets:  Forum Melee / Neckbeard ... Kryptonite:  Altoholism

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Perfectly capable of drawing minors in a general sense! Here's art I did of some teen mutant characters belonging to my friends and me - they're in plainclothes but nothing stopping me from doing tights in future art:



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Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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Heya Hilary, welcome home! :)

Nice to see you found your way here and that you are open for business again.


You may want to edit your OP just to be a bit more clear on what you are

offering, what you are not taking on at this time and at what prices.


Full length and full color $120 and up (depending on complexity).

Half length, full color $70 and up (depending on complexity).

Extra characters available, cost TBD, up to double price.


Also Is there a Bust/Head and shoulders option???

Other coloring options available or B&W???

Line art or sketch options if any???

Something to that effect.


Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN?

You really should've clicked here before 6pm on Sunday the 18th!



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No, they're on Imgur.


EDIT: Okay, I figured it out; as I suspected it was because of the forum move and I was having trouble figuring out how to work the new image-embedding system.

Edited by Flashtoo

Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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Not a damn clue, the base of my thumb swelled up and turned purple for no apparent reason - looked for all the world like a sprain, but X-rays showed nothing out of place. I couldn't use my right hand almost at all for days, and after that it hurt to exert pressure like with a can opener or hold it in the position I'd need to grip a pencil.

Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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