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Unable to connect onto Excelsior

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Very happy to know that it's not just me.  It's weird, on one account I can't connect at all, tried another and could get in but everything around me was jerky (NPCs, MM minions, etc.) but that was frustrating, so I just logged off.  Ran speed tests, checked for firewall issues, no problems with anything else at all.  Was just dandy last night when I went to bed but this morning, not so much.😭


Edit:  Not sure if it means anything but when I try to click the Login button, just to the right of the Homecoming logo on the launcher, I get this message which I've not previously gotten:


Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

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Same issue for me this morning. I run Tequila launcher and it's acting a little strange on launch. Keep having to reverify files to even get to Homecoming server. Once there, I get "Can not connect to DB server" 

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I can't even get to the log-in server at this point.

made it past that the first time and it kicked me after being unable to pull up the character list.

If someone posts a reply quoting me and I don't reply, they are most probably on ignore.

Some of them even know that I have them on ignore.

But that won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it.

It is who they are. There is a group of them that have banded together to do it. They think that it is acceptable.

Ignore is a tool to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using it.

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I've been having intermittent problems for the last... week to 10 days.  Today seems to be worst of it so far.


Username and password are taken just fine, but when I try to connect to any shard it gives the "Can't connect to DBserver" error.



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