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mixing atuned and not attuned: still get bonus set?

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I believe attuned and non attuned function as the same IO set, the only time you would lose set bonuses is if you took an ATO for instance from the standard version to the superior version which is considered a different set, but for normal sets which have no superior versions just attuning them doesnt negate set bonus from my understanding.


That being said, I dont personally have any mixed attuned/non attuned sets so cannot 100% confirm this is the case.

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Yes it works, but aesthetically it really bugs me.  :P




I may have been known to attune things that math says would be .125% better enhanced for..  reasons.

Great Justice - Invuln/Energy Melee Tank

Ann Atomic - Radiation/Super Strength Tank

Elecutrix - Electric Blast/Super Reflexes Sentinel

Ramayael - Titan Weapons/Bio Scrapper

C'len - Spines/Bio Brute

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