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Can We Get those Detectives a Cell Phone please?


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Currently, when doing missions for a contact, after doing several you get the option of calling that contact vs having to go to their physical location to talk to them.


This is not the case with the zone Detective when doing bank missions, regardless of how many radios you've done.




1.   Provide a setting to turn of bank missions completely.   I usually get a pug together to get through radios as quickly as possible.  The bank mission, which involves going to the detective twice slows everything down.


2.   Allow me to call the Detective directly ( after doing a few radio missions for him of course ) instead of having to go to his location.

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5 minutes ago, ElasticPanda said:

+1 I feel like there's no reason anyone can disagree with this suggestion.

You are just taunting me aren’t you?


seriously, can’t disagree... +1

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I'll take you one further and suggest that ALL the contacts START with being able to call AFTER you've first met them.

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5 hours ago, Megajoule said:

Did the Midnighters also gift them with cell towers, or did they enchant the phones to "just work"?

(A lot of people don't realize how much infrastructure mobile phones depend on.)

Right, because I'm going to comb through all of the 'storyline' mission text in Cim, both red and blue, to see how they explain being able to use phones.


For all we know the Midnighters enchanted bits of the pillars of ice and flame that are scattered around so that heroes could 'call' contacts through them, then dressed them up to look a bit like phones so nobody asked any questions.

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