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  1. I re-read your post @Sublime and now it sounds more like you just want someone to make a complete costume for you as close to a Luddite as possible and not actual help with picking out options in the CC. If that is the case then here ya go. Costume file attached below. I put the former text in a spoiler box if you want suggestions on how to tweak it yourself. a ludd5.costume
  2. Nope. That is Windows XP with the Luna 2 silver theme. The green start button did not exist on ME. It's been forever since I have seen that screen though as all the ingame monitors for me have StreetFighter or Tekken on them (yes, mods).
  3. I'm sticking with the habit of picking one finalist for every three entries (rounding when needed) & so with 13 cobbled up entries this week I chose the 4 characters I thought best followed the theme & made good use of the four selected colors & then I picked one at random from a hat. From pastries and clowns to robots broken down, there wasn't much I found that'd make me frown. Illusory Kobolds and ugly sticks plus a gal really into her leather, sure made it extra tricky to pick the 4 whom I thought "pulled it together." And thi
  4. Well at least you didn't broth-er to go all in a can-ned reply using only stock images beef-cause that would be a Dinty trick. How about The Campbell's Chunky Connoisseur! His bio could just be "Yes I mean the soup."
  5. Cool costume Betty, the blue and purple FX threw me off a bit though. I was expecting something a little more... I dunno, soup based?
  6. Thanks Cutter. Yeah, there's isn't always an exact match between the different palettes so for simplicity's sake let's just say get as close as you can with the FX colors and "skin" is still a "free color" of your choice.
  7. You say that like it's a bad thing. Ducking out before I derail the very serious discussion in this thread but from the depths of the art forums I heard the summons to demon-strate bad puns and Princess Bride quotes so I answered. To shirt the issue otherwise would be incon-sleeve-able!
  8. The O.P. has been updated and there's new information in the spoiler box along with some hints. Good luck everyone! The colors for week 4 are: A6 - D5 - G8 - I2 ~ The theme is: From the Depths!
  9. ==================================================================================================================================== That's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. New colors and theme for next week will be up later today! ====================================================================================================================================
  10. Whoooo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much. Well it just so happens that your Mastermind Amtes was only "MOSTLY" mezzed. Now, mostly mezzed is slightly clear minded.
  11. One more day for any last minute entries out there. I just realized my post count looks either like a repetitive native German speaker in denial or an improbable U.S. tax plan from a deceased pizza baron whose company was named for the mob.
  12. That "glove to arm" stripe made to look like a thermometer is brilliant @First Player .
  13. That's great Mystery Mouse. Yeah I think "Dramatic Entrance" is an inherent secondary ability of Demon Summoning.
  14. Ah okay, I was thinking you meant resume of things you play (e-sports or playtester) but it sounds like you're talking more "under the hood" development kind of work?
  15. Heya @WhiteDwarf thanks for your entry and welcome to the best part of the forums. P.S. There's a game missing from your resume.
  16. There's a similar thread in the Art & Multimedia section over here but since it exists I'll toss in my favorite CoH comedy series, Stan & Lou. "Stan if brains were Super powers yours would be a toggle... cuz it ain't always on." Lol and if you prefer music videos might I suggest a little SABOTAGE!
  17. From the Latin Maior Domus, basically Majordomo is a fancy way of saying "Head of the House" and it commonly refers to the servant whose job it is to oversee everything in maintaining the household, estate or palace.
  18. It means that we have a wheel thief on the loose! ...and that the PPD have been working "tirelessly" to catch this guy.
  19. Don't you mean "arrest" each other? At least that's what the brochure said.
  20. Ye unto thee 2015! It was a much simpler time. A time when the biggest thing dividing us on the internet was how our brain processes color information. Thanks for the reminder Erratic, may we one day return to such a time... ...btw it was totally blue/black
  21. Tanks and Scrappers DD! Well you heard it here first ladies and gents etc... a chibi collab somewhat similar to my avatar is now an option. Not sure what medium it would be but DD and I can work out the details if and when it comes up. I am also talking with another artist about a collab for a prize. Nothing is confirmed at this point and it may end up being something separate from this color challenge but that could be another unique possibility going forward too. @Icanav #1 it is.
  22. I'm sticking with the habit of picking one finalist for every three entries (rounding when needed) so with 11 great entries this week I chose the 4 characters I thought best followed the theme & made good use of the four selected colors & then I picked one at random from a hat. There were some very creative routes people took with the theme "Major/Minor" and the 4 whom I thought outranked the competition this week were... and the winning name I pulled is... DJ1!
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