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  1. ummm Magic? Are you planning to run a contest yourself Saeletra? If so I can share what's working (assuming that it's working). But on the off chance that some would rather not have it spoiled I'll ask the people participating. Do you guys want Toto to pull back the curtains on my methods here or leave the mystery of Oz intact? What say you? If people think it would be unfair in some way I can talk about it after the challenge ends. If some prefer mystery but are okay with others knowing I can just put a general overview
  2. The new week's colors and theme are posted and the hints/spoiler box are up to date. Have at Ye! The colors for week 4 are: A4 - B7 - E6 - M2 ~ The theme is: Cobbled Together
  3. ==================================================================================================================================== That's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. New colors and theme for next week will be up later today! ====================================================================================================================================
  4. If there are any last minute entries out there you've got about 1½ hours to go before the deadline.
  5. Well I wouldn't want to be cow-pa-bell in steer-ing this thread off the range so I shall press pause on the puns... while it still be-hoofs me to do so.
  6. Well I herd you prefer em rare and hay you might actually like these puns more if you realized just what was at steak!
  7. The answer would leave you even more beef-uddled than you were beef-ore.
  8. You're welcome and I dunno, can you? Yes go right ahead.
  9. For the most part yes @Rampager but as Tyger mentioned above though it is only one entry per person at this time. Check the original post's spoiler box for more details and let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. Sure. Making those squiggly lines for his electric aura only takes 5 minutes or so and since they are on their own layer adding or removing them is like flipping a light switch. Just takes a second. Here are some quick variations for you. The two on the left are light and heavy aura behind the body, the two on the right are the same but have the electric aura in front as well.
  11. Magic. Also Senshi Stock on DA is great. Oh if I had a farthing for every time I've said that... I would have a very large sum of an obsolete but fun to say currency. Farrrrrrrrrrthing.
  12. My avatar is the work of Darth Delicious, I hand no hand in it whatsoever. She wore an avatar for many years made from a gift artz I had done for and I so enjoyed the expressions she gave Brahn and DD in the Chibi piece that I am now doing likewise in "wearing" her art. Answering your unasked question if someone really wants a chibi for a winning challenge prize I may be able to get her to help with one (no promises though she is quite busy recently) or I will give it a go myself. You ask at your own risk in that regard.
  13. That turned out beautiful Ennvee. Splendidly done @MysteryMouse. I am now wondering if you use 3D models as base/ref? @Seen2BeGreen Wait I have a style of teaser? Why was I not informed of this?! *goes to check the wiki*
  14. Congratulations Ennvee, looking good so far.
  15. No worries @Icanav. In the context of this challenge I would frown on say, having someone make you a costume in the help thread and submitting it as your own or copying something not yours verbatim out of the show off thread but offering a helpful suggestion to someone is fine.
  16. You're welcome Clawdebt. Happy you approve. While I was waiting to find out what prize was next I cleaned up Shock A's outline & his head/neck seam, colored in his cape and removed the white background.
  17. Comments like these make me smile. Thanks everyone. I am happy people are pushing their creativity for this challenge, using color combinations they might never have otherwise and making characters & looks they end up keeping. @Clawdebt Your family is very fair minded. Just know that this is partially why I added the randomizing "pull a name from the hat" part. Repeat wins are bound to happen but it shouldn't be the same person every week. Me three... oh wait I have to draw
  18. Edited the OP to make the theme a little more clear just in case it was confusing anyone. It doesn't have to be both (but can be if you wish). Something that's Major, something that's Minor, something which can incorporate both, something that is related to either. Any of those are fine. Homophones and name puns are all welcome in addition (e.g. Mage Ur, Miner etc.). Great entries so far.
  19. Each post will have 1 costume (the named poster) counted so if you want to play along (I appreciate the participation) but not win then a team post is fine. If you both want a chance at a prize artz you should post your entries separately. That's because you keep having birthdays. You should really consider not aging anymore. You're welcome. Sure thing but try not to take too long so I don't end up with a backlog of prize artz I need to draw. Heh, thanks you guys and those are both solid choices.
  20. Similar situation with 14 great entries this week so I chose the same route. Review them offline, choose the 5 characters I think best follow the theme & make good usage of the four colors and then choose one at random from a hat. I enjoyed all the different creative ways people conveyed "Cosmic Power" and the 5 whom I thought powered to the top of the leaderboard this week were... and the winning name I pulled is... Icanav! @Icanav note or post and tell me what you w
  21. I must be tired, my brain just read that as "The Winter Clown." Didn't help that the face reminded me of a Council Nebula either, which my old SGmates used to call evil clowns.
  22. Week 3 colors and theme are up. The Original Post and spoiler box questions and tips are all up to date. For those who want to participate but have difficulty brainstorming I added a few possible suggestions to the spoiler. You are free to use them or ignore them as you see fit. The colors for week 3 are: A10 - D2 - E10 - P10 ~ The theme is: What's your Major (and/or Minor)?
  23. Or you could take a screenshot of the settings before and after. It might be less confusing that way and much quicker.
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