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  1. Yep covered that method above. That one I had not heard of, if you already have steam I guess that is a work around that doesn't take much extra to do. You're welcome.
  2. Cool! I like the cell-shaded look of these Jon. Glad you decided to share and welcome to the best part of the forums!
  3. Heya Franz, you don't specify but I am assuming you have a Windows machine and know about the PRT/SCN button on your keyboard already? Some people have macs(eww ) or run Linux but they will usually specify if so. The easiest way if you have a multi-monitor setup click over into the 2nd monitor and then move the mouse back to the screen with the game but don't click the mouse and take your screenshots from there. If you have only one monitor, as Caemgen said, open a small window (like the calculator) in front of the game and move it out
  4. I speak Meme better than most but the internet can still stump you when it wants to and no one can know every show. Most are just what they say on the tin but my favorites are the ones that have extra meaning for those who know the show or get the reference or the ones that people use accidentally when they don't actually know the real meaning and end up saying the opposite of what they are trying to (ah delicious irony). Just asking in case "nailed it" is one of those.
  5. Sure thing. I am glad you finally decided to go for it and post your art. Oh and let me be the first to say, welcome to the best part of the forums.
  6. I remember all of these. It's been quite the journey watching your art progress over the last decade+. Here's to many more art-filled decades to come!
  7. Very cool, Franz. Your lines have a lot of dynamism. These are all good but I think Luminous Jack is my favorite. I hope you post more... if you're not too caught up in red tape and bizarist bureaucracy.
  8. Nice one DD. 🙂 No worries if you read the spoiler reveal in the OP it basically says pencil preferred but digital is accepted. Also I did not put the word pencil into the title like the original thread back in the day had so anyone can participate.
  9. @OminousUndead Looking good Ominous... it might look even better if you put it in one of the two threads made for sharing art deals and commissions: here... and here... This particular thread is for people quick sketching 5 minute artz with a pencil or digital stylus. I really wish people would take 10 seconds to read the OP or scan down the page to see what's in a thread before posting to it.
  10. Thanks Icey-Lady, Healix and the other reactors. @Healix Hmmm a young Keanu, is that Point Break?
  11. Okay I don't generally share my costume designs but I have a few in the art forums already and I am really happy with how this one turned out. Also she's been getting a lot of compliments in game, so here then is my new Radiation /WillPower Scrapper Violetta Arilouallay. (just Violetta was taken already, go figure )
  12. Heya BW, it's been a while. Sorry to hear about your friend Perfidus. We lost Bobby Aquitania too so I know some of what that feels like. He passed just before a few of us were going to meet up in real life and I know he would've loved to see homecoming too. It is good to see your art again though. I do recognize your comics stuff (love that Catwoman), WarWitch and I'm guessing that could be Larissa Rasputin? What's the story behind the 3d Bass relief? Oh and welcome back to the best part of the forums.
  13. Hunh, I don't actually get that reference, must be a show I've not seen.
  14. Hey now, you never know, it could be some other overly smiley hero with the Technis chin pattern who just so happens to........ ... okay yeah, it's you. Dangit, I knew I should've cropped the image down further, you wouldn't have guessed so easily if it was just a pic of the right incisor and a partial philtrum.
  15. May as well Red, I am already using what I posted in that same thread, I'm calling him Prophet Frost.
  16. Solid colors. It looks like this style would be quicker and easier if you had a lot of commissions to get through. Was that the goal? That is one elaborate necklace that I do not recognize though... is it from a different game?
  17. As an artist, I don't think there are any bad colors either (orange is still the best though!) but mint is a shade of green and that's what makes it so "shady" get it? (that's why I put it in italics). I guess you could say it was Mint to be. Orange you glad I'm making color puns? I know, right? I've gotten so much enjoyment from the game and the community around it that I always wanted to give back and like you my artistic creations (well over 100) were my way of doing so. */e highfives Rylas!* Also the house o
  18. Glad you like it Tem. She was kind of a pain in the butt (mostly my tethered pen's fault) but worth it as I learned several new things along the way. I've never really colored anything in that style before either but I am very happy with the way it looks. I also thought about putting in some blue gradients and radiation FX as a background but I accidentally filled it with that light peach color and thought it looked rather nice. If someone has a better idea for a background by all means have at it. Also I have something new(ish) that should b
  19. Dunno about mint green, I always thought it was a pretty shady color myself, but Burnt Orange, like all other shades of orange, is the King of colors! Just ask anyone from the Netherlands... or that guy with the weird dark orange text. I do love the power Consume as well, thanks for making it Rylas.
  20. For the topic "I didn't know it would do that!" I give you presents gone awry. New topic: Martial Arts!
  21. Was feeling left out of all the coloring shenanigans so I decided to work on my Chernobyl Dawn flats. Huzzah! Click the image to see it full size in my thread.
  22. Decided to work on my own flats and try to come up with a coloring style that compliments DD's line art. I always liked seeing my linework colored in multiple different styles so I thought I would return the favor. This was the result.
  23. Wow those are lovely Adrian. So glad you found your way to our charming little game. Oh and may I say welcome to the best part of the forums.
  24. Agreed Zepp, this is not the most critical of things (as an artist over in the art forums the proper displaying of hosted images was way more important) it would just be a huge time saver and frustration avoider. I too link to specific post (it's just the way I have always done it) but not a day goes by when I don't bump into the 25 post limit and think" well that's dumb, who set it at 25? Let me just go into the settings quick and change it to something more reasonab... oh, right. I can't." 😞
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