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  1. I've noticed this as well but couldn't tell you which levels
  2. I find with Arachnos the real problem is Mu Guardians - otherwise you can open with a stun (at least as Warshade) and then take out the other Mus as priority Alpha. the Guardians are boss rank so they resist it though. Arachnos is the most variable I find as some groups are fine, and then some groups are just "lol no", they have nasty variety.
  3. Does anyone know what Story Arc is needed to get the "Determined" Badge? Mine is at 15 of 16 story arcs in Dark Astoria, but the repeatable contacts don't give story arcs do they? I have done the hero and the villan intros. Edit: I was missing one of Max's rescue missions - seems like these are coded as separate story arcs since that's how they are shown in Ouro
  4. I don't know if it helps, but if you want contact and mission dialogue to be bigger, you can use /window_scale Status 1.99 and it will put those to maximum. This may also increase the size of the health bar though.
  5. You posted on reddit, so here's my comment from there: You need end redux in your actual powers for one - people go on about putting it in toggles, but if you have a good attack chain then your attacks are what is really sapping your end, especially if you have recharge slotted. You also need to be using Stygian Circle more. It can be quite helpful even if there are just one or two bodies. However, that strategy only rally works when you are using IO sets that give you a lot of recharge. For generic IOs, you might want to add a couple of slots to it with recharge and endurance modification. Also make sure that your stamina power is slotted too. You could slot all of these, but personally I would not recommend all of them. Warshade is slot starved as it is, and once Stygian Circle has a low enough cool down you won't need as much help. To do that though, you need some more general +recharge. A lot of these set IOs are very expensive too.
  6. I think the latest patch reduces the endurance cost of stealth and eliminates the move debuff, so it may be worth considering again.
  7. Does anyone know of any resource of what the proc effects are for Interface? I presume most of the DoTs themselves don't have anything based on my experience, but it looks like the secondary effects do.
  8. The Stalker chance of Build Up ATO changed my experience completely. Because you don't reduce the recharge time much, Guassian stacks very nicely. Since every attack has a change to proc the no cooldown effect, you can basically constantly use build up guilt free rather than feeling like you are saving it up.
  9. Nice look TCUFROGS! I actually got some inspiration in the end, but here are what I eventually went for. The concept is a Kheldian infused suit of armor rather than true symbiosis, so both the Nictus and the Human do still have their own personality. The far right is full medieval, the middle and the far left are DarkTech.
  10. Thanks for this - for any WS I've made this into a Macro: /macro Mire "powexec_auto Sunless Mire$$powexec_name Black Dwarf Mire$$powexec_toggleoff Black dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff Dark nova$$goto_tray 1" Anyone know if there is a way to do this doubled, starting in Human Form? I can't figure out if it would actually be possible, but I suspect not given that you would a keystroke to toggle on Dwarf, and another to execute the mire. Speaking off, a lot of these binds have dwarf toggled off and then something else toggling on, but that doesn't seem to work when I try the exact same binds, such a: /bind lshift+e "powexec_toggleoff Dark Nova$$powexec_toggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexec_auto hasten$$powexec_toggleon hover$$gototray 1$$bind l powexec_name Shadow Step".
  11. Also, with that many procs you have no accuracy, endurance or recharge. The procs are at 3 times a minute, and the chance of each going off is capped at 90%. You won't get that chance though with a 12 second recharge. You're unlikely to get all going off each time, and without set bonuses you won't have the accuracy to forgo accuracy enhancements. If you miss, no damage or procs.
  12. It's no longer the same nerfed dom damage scales on beta. You still need +22% tohit to get the current damage of it though. Otherwise I think the scale starts at 2.76. This post is just so if someone reads it later they aren't confused
  13. I've feared mobs, hit them with a damage attack and they've made no move to retaliate though. How does that work with modes?
  14. They have a "chance" to attack, but it's not guaranteed.
  15. Haunt can be made permanent but it is quite difficult to do, equally you have a lot of recharge anyway to get perma dom. On my build its 1 sec off perma which is fine for me. They don't do masses of damage, but they apply fear, help split the spawn'a attention and look cool. I can't talk about Earth Assault though.
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