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  1. I rather like this idea. It would be a nice thematic pairing for Controllers too. I could see myself quite liking it on Defenders / Corrs too.
  2. Agreed. Maybe there are more examples you could have used OP, but if someone is asking for feedback on powers, I don't think it's fair to say that people should pretend they have a wholly positive experience. I'd really hate if I asked for feedback and seomone gave me meaningless positive plantitudes. I know that i can do all the content with most powersets, it's about the ease of doing so, and what level I might be able to do it at. Ultiamtely, if it is not against the ToS/CoC, they CAN say what they want. Being overly negative about powersets is not against either of those documents. It's hyperbolic, but ultimately it's just people's opinions. People can discuss how things would like to be changed even if those are done by another server, its a useful metric because it goes someway in showing what *is* possible. I also have no idea why the fact that HC are still negotiating should be mentioned in these sorts of discussions. I'm glad they are, but its really just not relevant.
  3. You actually keep the bird attacks. Unkindness (Ravens) is at level 10 (although the animation is a bit different), Call Hawk at 35 (which is a bit late, and then has a 14 second recharge). Not exactly the same, but I thought it might be helpful to point out.
  4. Tbf, this might be better done as a Savage Assault Dominator, but then you lose the ability to ever have the various pets at all.
  5. Isn't there also the whole free Purple from Market Crash per char?
  6. Unless you plan to add AI to the various non-controllable pets, this would be a very hard no, as they'd run absolute haywire with full friendly fire. Even with that, it's a hard no. This game is just too balanced and AoEs and there's just too many of them for this to work.
  7. I can only speak for WS, but I would agree that the Archetype needs a pass. Not necessrialy a blanket buff, but some holes need to be filled in. There also an AT that really relies on being pretty well slotted out to be effective. Extra slots possibly would be a bit too much, but ATM they are too pure burst, and AoE burst dependent on lots of enemies in range (and dead enemies in range for healing).
  8. Is there an in unvierse explanation for what IOs are? SOs are meant to be like, actual things (which is slighltly horrifying for mutant characters I would have thought since you are then basically just grafting random shit you got off an emeny on to your body...). I normally go Magic and just lol about having to carry 97 rings and amulets (were I to use SOs). On topic: I wouldn't be opposed to something like this. Even if its just a rough description of whether that contact has a story arc and what it involves. Level ranges could also be useful (and wouldn't beak immersion).
  9. The current situation is kinda annoying in some ways because it's so close to allowing full Praetorian. Fill in the level 40 to 50 gap and tack in a Goldside breadcrumbs mission and theycould even have you in DA as part of Duncan's entourage or something.
  10. I'd kinda half like this, but only because my Fire/Shield Brute needs both fire swords available AT ALL TIMES.
  11. How on earth is wanting to disable white salvage drops avoiding "boring hard stuff"? Nor am I clear that "boring hard stuff" is something that should be kept for a leisure video game. Hard stuff, maybe. But it should be engaging, not boring.
  12. Thank you - this is what I was trying to get at with the end of my post but this is put far far better.
  13. No, that is not my position. My position is that I don't believe the prices will go up because the people who would use this option already do not sell their salvage. The people who currently consider salvage worth selling will continue to do so and therefore there will always be a minimum amount in circulation, seeded or not. If an option to reject the salvage is added, then if the price does increase, it will be minimal because as the price gets higher, it will be more profitable for people to undo the reject option and therefore sell it. And finally, even if that is wrong, the price will always be hardcapped at 10k anyway. Unlike live, salvage is bucked by rarity and therefore you won't get the same price spikes or lack of supply for speciifc pieces.
  14. Hell, if you haven't auto-completed, set it to -1/1 and bash it out in 45 minutes. I doubt this helps with min-maxers becauise if they wanted to min-max THAT badly then the patron path is barely a blip in the road.
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