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  1. Don't bother. You won't thank yourself.
  2. There isn't actually - something we should remedy - the most I can offer you immediately is this: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Mission_Architect_Unique_Maps
  3. Also personally opposed to them, but if someone has limited time then they're an option, that's true. And then a quick visit to Mids and off you go! (Information. all the Infs.)
  4. You're probably right and it is my misremembering of it. I generally avoid doing that because of said logic loops, so I may have conflated "don't do that" with "can't do that."
  5. You're right, you can't just just convert them. The mistake here I think is believing you actually have to. If you're replicating a regular mission, like a tip mission as a for instance, and not using cutscenes/on screen dialog boxes/branching arc choices, you really shouldn't need to convert at all. You just need a contact to send you somewhere and a door to generate the map inside.
  6. Well, since we're a "rogue" server it's free! So you're able to pop in any time at all. Most of the PVP happens on Indomitable, which is the "unofficial pvp server" , to save you time going elsewhere if you were so inclined. As any one of the rest of us will say, the door is open and there's a chair at the table for you!
  7. Ah, a caveat perhaps is in order. Storm & Stars is actually part of an ongoing set of stories for an RP SG and has a "window" of shelf life before being taken down and replaced with the following "episode". The arc is designed for that entire team to play together and so on who already have all the info they need backloaded before they begin. No, it's not mine and not my SG but AE writers do talk to each other 🙂 So right now my suggestion would be that exact caveat in the description for future episodes, or for anyone doing a similar thing actually.
  8. I download it, I strip out the DRM, because THAT'S MINE NOW! Ahem.
  9. It MAY be possible, @cranebump. I'll have to look again, but there's the danger of running into circular logic loops.
  10. Not off a simple rescue/collection. Like @cranebumpsays, a boss defeat has four health increments that things can be triggered off.
  11. Oh, and a thing I recommend to everyone writing an AE for the first time: Pick the map you want, set it to Empty for Enemy Type, Set a single collectible to get as an objective and then go in and walk the map. Get to know your space, because sometimes, more than you'd expect, the spawn points in the actual mission map might not line up with the ones on the creator/writing screen.
  12. A weird thing is, if you have an Ally to meet but they're set to not follow then they won't...initially. But if you pass by them again then they may very well follow you and stand around judging your abilities, eating popcorn and thinking they could do better. Okay, not all that but they have been known to follow if you link up with them a second time. Best to have them able to defend themselves or untouchable in that case. Ask @cranebump!
  13. Sheesh, lot of work done there, @Take One! I've just been making notes to myself on paper and was going to post later!
  14. Flower Knight! @Ankylosaur found her there! Odd place I know. So when you choose an Ally or Person to rescue, you can choose her from Standard/Pets. Although that version is only Level 1.
  15. I just need Prometheus ranting at me too and all will be well!
  16. Good. I'd like to be able to grab an anniversary badge or two for my Gold.
  17. Plus her face. Because there's actually a missing Young Face in the female list, might even be hers. Around 12 or 13.
  18. AH! Nice catch, @Ankylosaur! I never considered looking under Pets, fer Gawd's sake, LOL.
  19. Are we getting a copy of Luna in Echo Plaza BTW?
  20. Right. Scratching my head here. Go talk to Apex about starting his TF, and he says this: "Good to see you're here with a team, Character. My name is Apex, I'm in charge of Vanguard's operations against Praetoria. As you may or may not know, we've got ourselves into another invasion. Looks like people just love to attack Primal Earth, huh? First it was Rikti, now it's Praetoria. Their first attack was on Terra Volta, and it was bad, Character. Everyone from the Freedom Phalanx was there, fighting tooth and nail against the Praetorian. But, for some reason, everyone but Statesm
  21. Trouble with that is you might get four Manticores (not that you can make him, headpiece is unique). I tried something similar with a home built supers team, and got 3 of one guy and one girl, rather than one of each.
  22. No, they can't just push a button and turn an AE into a "real" arc...or can they? It's still just doors! You write an AE, get an external door assigned rather than the green code beam, which is just a door, and bingo! (Yes, I'm simplifying but even so.)
  23. If your gang does decide to run a team in Praetoria do NOT get XP enhancers/buffs, you'll outlevel the contacts too fast and miss half of all the cool stuff.
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