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  1. The second in a trilogy of pre War SFMA Praetorian AEs based around the Resistance. A full scale invasion of Praetoria by Primal Earth is imminent and the Resistance is ready for the fight. Almost. The Resistance has a leadership problem and Belladonna Vetrano wants it dealt with. Fast. (Levels 19 - 24)
  2. Calvin Scott is available as an ally in Resistance 1-34, but not as a boss in Resistance 1-34. Seems an odd thing to miss out on. Not to mention the ally version is only a lieutenant!
  3. Goldside? Hmm, my main is a Goldside Controller (Mind/Empathy) but even so a Controller can handle the content, just don't expect to be a heavy damage dealer against Ghouls and so on, those bastiches are worse than Freakshow, fast mobs that claw you down and keep coming. Destroyers? Oddly enough the Big Dogs, while hard as nails, are easier to weather than the Rocket Girls, who just bazooka the bejebus out of you from a distance. Seers? Individually Seers are weak. In a mob? Ick. Clockwork aren't incredibly tough - apart from the odd bit of arc lightning that drains your endurance - but t
  4. Ah yes. I think we are on the same page mostly when it comes to this. Addendum to the above - though it probably can be inferred - a major part of how I "play" IS writing AEs. That and chatting to other AE creators about how we push the boundary with the limited tools we have, discussions on lore hooks and so on. I DO have, like @The_Warpact, a small gang of RL known players that I hear from regularly for a once a week meet up, and randomly in the rest of the week, not to mention the Praetorians SG that I'm a member of, though I'll happily rabbit on to prospective Gold
  5. Interesting topic. I've ranted a few times here and there about how I see things but here's a brief précis on how I got to this point, and perhaps this might surprise others who have chatted/interacted with me on my previous rants. I love the genre and the lore of this game and depth is exactly what I want to see and in fact try to provide when I write AEs. Story story story, that's what is important to me here. I care nothing for power sets other than that they work as promised and for me, while I appreciate the absolute labor of love the devs put in to polish and balance what we
  6. You can literally make your own police using the Officer standard costume set in the creator and just customize it as you see fit. Dual pistols at a basic level and maybe a level of Willpower as a secondary. You wouldn't need to give them many powers, simply making them a lieutenant makes them tougher. And they become 1-54 scalable.
  7. Praetorians primary all the way, to the extent that one of my mains is a 50 who never left.
  8. Sent you a run-through message via forum email.
  9. Welp, I stand corrected...sit corrected. Is it running better now? (Look what happens when RL takes you out of the loop for a week!)
  10. You can force the event to happen. Softcap on KR before a KR2 spawns has been reduced to 20, so get 20 people into KR and KR2 opens fresh, with the Paladin event ready to go. Just get to the train station and go there. EDIT. Old info, see @AboveTheChemist's and @Apparition's posts.
  11. I've spoofed this by having an escort get to the collection glowie/whatever, state that they have to do something and then run off. Then respawn the same character a little later as an ally after doing whatever they had to do. You just need an intermediate objective to trigger the ally spawn for the player to handle otherwise you may get both versions on the map together. The escort needs to reach an exit before the next trigger, so you need to slow the player down enough for that to happen in the right sequence.
  12. Sorry @DougGraves, been mostly AFK the last week so haven't answered you. As you've discovered there are maps that have unseen limits to what will or won't spawn, and unfortunately there's no way to know which map does this until you try a particular map.
  13. In my post about a halfway house/porting AE arcs to the game world, we posited that these could be utilized to help bring up an external Base Computer UI/AE terminal hybrid.
  14. There isn't, unfortunately. You can't even set the initial boss to flee because if he does escape then you fail and the second spawn won't happen.
  15. Ah, I was being slightly hyperbolic there to emphasize the smallness of the group. Might be double digits!
  16. Not so much their existence I suppose but the fact that Primal is (a) unaware of the deal and (b) has a different relationship with Primal Hamidon due to diverging history. "Negotiate? We beat ours, we can beat this one too." But who knows Hamidon's response really? Cole didn't ask/check/consult with his "partner", he just assumed that it would go wrong. I'm not saying he was incorrect to do so, but that's what he did.
  17. Donated. Keep up the good work!
  18. Well, now there's a 5 minute timer to meet Apex and power the thingamajig. But... The end speech from Belladonna is essentially the same as before, with the analogy and the threat.
  19. I keep saying if you want Redside to work better naratively - and they DO have some great story arcs there already - then Arachnos needs to be more government-like and pull back. That would (a) give more agency to players and (b) make Arachnos more monolithic and shadowy, so that when they DO show up it's like "oh hell, we pissed off THE MAN and ordered troops in against us."
  20. It's the problems more than anything though, isn't it? I mean the flags get turned off in TFs/instances.
  21. Thanks @Kyksie. I just have one query for you regarding mine: was there a fight in the final mission? There is now but there wasn't when it first went up.
  22. Not part of the OP but I'm advertizing! Have four (so far!) Pre War Gold side AEs written. Designed to fit in to the existing story as well as mechanics/maps/mobs allow. Scaled for 19 - 25, so coming off the end of Neutropolis and before you take the Rift mission (or head to First Ward) scoot in to PD via Studio 55 and take a look. Loyalist carries on from Imperial Power, while the single Resistance one is Neutropolis Warden. Mainly because Chimera and Belladonna Vetrano are the two contacts. Details in sig. We now return you to your scheduled program.
  23. Optional. Absolutely. I don't like not being able to find that last damn glowie either. But for the above mentioned reasons I don't want it immediately easy to just waltz around an AE I've written. So an optional super Reveal from the TFV/P2W that costs a fair bit more than Reveal perhaps. One that will not work in PVP. And for this player, no, I do not see this as somehow being a QOL modifier.
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