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  1. When people shout out that they are gonna be using TT, ATT etc and someone doesn't take it but then moans when a mission gets completed.
  2. My Brute remade, reborn as a bat smashing radiation infused badass xD
  3. You really don't lose much dps or precision by giving up 1 slot in one or two powers. Infact it can actually help with continued group based dps by not knocking back the enemy and only knocking them up and down on the spot allowing more aoe's to hit them
  4. Can we please... BUFF Regen. Then if devs want to nerf something - they can nerf Regen in the same patch muhaha
  5. Always been proud of this shot. Sadly I had to die for it haha
  6. Howdy all. Been back a while.. here in there, more back now than I was... But HardRider is the name.. Stone Melee/Invul Brute was the game. Not sure if anyone remembers me.. if so, yo.. if not.. yo xD
  7. Not needed, but can be the ideal choice for certain top tier bosses.
  8. *Slash* Evil laugh emote But seriously. Considering how things are now, why even waste RWM on influence.
  9. Just some of my toons I play the most. -- Left to Right -- HardRider - Psi/Invul brute (Main - Bio Below) Hunter Mage - Arch/TA Blaster (Bio below) Blastorious - Assault Rifle/Time Blaster Hokta Rune - Mercs/Nature MM and Cesspit - Dark/Dark Blaster
  10. Does the new snipe changes effect LRM by any chance or at least allow it to take Sniper IOs
  11. Try making it so the first click uses x skill and then the next click puts the second skill into auto mode so it fires it off like that. If you have it so Hasten is on auto you can simple add in hasten at the end so another click puts hasten back on auto and rotate it that way.. it might not be ideal but I've found it to work nicely.
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