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  1. Yeah having a lot of text go off when you're fighting is a bit much I just want the big orange numbers everywhere.
  2. I've seen that for preventive medicine but not for the others. Added power effects for some of the damage procs would be cool too.
  3. If I am using Gaussian's Synchronize Fire Control why does it when it fires off it shows the icon for Super Reflexes Quickness, something that has absolutely nothing to do with gaining a damage and to hit increase? Why not just use the graphic on the enhancement and put the attuned enhancement border around it? Even the invention border would suffice. I have gotten use to some enhancement proc icons in my window but the fact they don't match up in a nice way does get to me. I imagine this would take a little bit of work for something most people wouldn't really notice but if it hap
  4. I know Arcane Bolt works with Containment. I had it as a filler attack on my Illusion/Traps for quite some time. Toxic Dart might be a little weird cause it does two damage types so it may not appear at first glance you're getting containment damage. What does the combat tab say when you use it or Corrosive Vial on a held foe?
  5. Yep! That's an Issue 0 character you can make. Lemme think... initial power sets for Blasters were: Primaries Assault Rifle Fire Blast Electrical Blast Energy Blast Ice Blast Secondaries Devices Fire Manipulation Electrical Manipulation Energy Manipulation Ice Manipulation source: City of Heroes game manual on my desk
  6. Oh wow. You'll actually have to do respec trials if you want to make any changes to your character.
  7. My first 50 on main was a Mercs/Force Field MM. Its been ages since I've played but knowing the builds I play now and the game that this game is now I wouldn't reroll that character. Two of the biggest things I remember with mercs were long animation times (especially with Full Auto) and long recharge times (pets sitting around doing nothing, LRM Rockets firing off very infrequently). When everything coalesced it was pretty stellar but there were definitely times where there was just dead air and weak DPS. (sometimes I'd even move my pets into close range so they'd just fire off a bunch of bra
  8. Yesterday I was doing some badge and plaque hunting to get Born in Battle for my Corrupter. I used the Free Fire Transport to go from Bloody Bay to Siren's Call and... this happened. The map icons of Bloody Bay were transposed onto the map of Siren's Call. The game now assumes the villain base is in the middle of the map doesn't track one to one with my movements across the map. Anyone else encounter this? Is this a product of me having the Vidiot's Map Pack installed or just an issue with the new update? What could it be? Logging out and back in didn't fix it either. In fact, when
  9. I always thought Flurry was really funny because it has such a long animation time in a power pool based around Speed. This is a novel idea but maybe not the idea to buff. Definitely a power to be looked at though.
  10. I really feel this. My favorite thing about the update is that it gives you reason to travel around the city still. Skill and zone knowledge now have some importance again.
  11. I can understand these kinds of names, to an extent. A lot of super hero names are just regular words or popular concepts like look at the X-Men: Beast, Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jubilee, Morph, Forge... all with a lovely feel and razor sharp definition. However something like "Robot Mastermind" just feels boring or generic. But maybe that's the character they want to their character! I don't know. Personally, if I was down to picking a name like that I'd usually just end up deleting the character out of frustration with the concept being bland or characterless. And I have done that, even on
  12. I love these early beta build videos. Its always really fascinating to see what the game was in the very early stages like how in this particular video it appears build up was the lvl 32 power of the energy blast set. Or the fact in this video that "Super Personality" is listed as a powerset As far as NCSoft goes... I think the thing there was they helped with distribution and what not so if the CoH property wasn't owned by NCSoft it might have been harder for CoH to get out there? We don't have Ouroboros so no way to find that out. I will say that the further that
  13. Hi there! Curious if you could make me A Stalker Kinetic Melee/Super Reflexes build.
  14. Yep! A cool idea but definitely one that will need to introduced with a lot of time and care. For some of the other ones (Mind, Vitae, Omega) it seemed like they were just making stuff up as they were being Asked Anything: or just really ridiculous: Although Infinity does sound like basically what I want out of Lore lol
  15. I felt similar until I realized you can bind these to cast on your location or on a target. Have you looked into that? https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Bind_(Slash_Command)
  16. Alpha Slot This is the one I have the most experience with. I have four level 50s and all them have atleast some level of Alpha slotted. I generally pick either Agility or Cardiac but I'd say that most of the choices for Alpha slot can be pretty compelling and it really depends on the character you're rolling with. I like the Alpha slot a lot, the level shift might be kind of overpowered but I do like that too. Judgement Slot I have Judgement on three character and its pretty stupid overpowered. If there was some end game content that justified this I'd be OK with but it
  17. I have an Illusion/Traps and I think it is really pointless that the Force Field Generator blows up every couple of minutes. I think there are better ways to balance it versus Force Field's Dispersion Bubble than making me resummon it every couple of minutes.
  18. I think Minimal FX would be a welcome addition to all Leadership Powers. And not just the ones in the power pool either.
  19. I like this. While I do love Council PI farms, I would also love it if there was better incentive for people to do the safeguard mission.
  20. I really like this idea. I don't see anything necessarily wrong with raising the toHit ceiling because ultimately what matters is what you do with it. What's the corresponding toHit floor? How can you reach this new and special toHit cap? Does everything have the same toHit cap? I am for anything that introduces meaningful flavor and variety in gameplay.
  21. Those macros are a huge help. It definitely makes setting up things like my ice storm and caltrops easier.
  22. So Ragnarok chance for Knockdown and Annihilation - res are no good on Caltrops? I'm curious cause I have an Ill/Traps and I'm figuring out how to respec him to make him deadlier. If anything is a good proc bomb I feel like its Controller Holds. I have two damage procs on and it feels like they always go off.
  23. All on Everlasting: Controllers: 2 Corruptors: 2 Arachnos Soldier: 1 Arachnos Widow: 1 Masterminds: 1 Stalkers: 1 Blasters: 1 Level 50s: 4 I only had three level 50s on live. They were a Mastermind, a Scrapper and a Stalker respectively. My four level 50s on here are two Controllers, a Corruptor and an Arachnos Soldier so I've definitely changed my habits on here.
  24. So I have Electric Shackles for my Ice/Kin Corruptor and I do like the power but I noticed it comes up a little short, even up against the hold in my primary. Let's take a look at the (un enhanced) numbers of some holds available to corruptors: POWER SET HOLD DURATION/RECHARGE SECONDARY EFFECTS FREEZE RAY ICE BLAST 9.54 seconds/10 seconds (9.5/10) = .95 moderate cold damage TESLA CAGE ELECTRIC BLAST 8 seconds/10 seconds (8/10) = .8 minor energy damage, -end
  25. I have an Ice/Kin Corrupter and he scourges with Ice Storm and Blizzard all the time.
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