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  1. Just hit level 22 on Medic. This is how many SOs I could afford: I recall when I ran Villains around i6 or i7 is could barely afford all of my SOs but I think I got a whole stack of 'em. It seems like now you can't just play missions and afford your SOs at level 22, you have to do some market stuff or use reward merits to make up the difference. While I have gotten some nice recipes, salvage and ~100 reward merits on this character I ain't using them yet. This is more interesting to me. It really makes you appreciate character progression. Even just a single SO in any
  2. I think Kinetics. We Siphon Speed off 2020 and use it to run far far away from it. Alternatively we Fulcrum Shift off a whole mob of 2020 and nuke it.
  3. I uh don't play Dominators. I prefer Controllers. But even with Controllers in the span of about 90 seconds or so I will have cast a group immobilize atleast a couple of times. I will have probably cast my hold more though.
  4. That's true but there are plenty more powers in those sets that do benefit from domination (especially cause all of those sets have a group immobilize). Small blemishes in otherwise very congruent sets. The same cannot be said for Illusion Control which is systematically reliant on pets to provide its own unique form of control (best exemplified with Phantom Army). @oedipus_tex is definitely on track with how the set would have to be reworked.
  5. Illusion Control is pretty unique to Controllers I think. There would need to be a lot of retooling to get the set to function with the Dominator archetype. It's a control set with 3 pets and 2 invisibility powers and a high damage attack. This leaves three powers that could benefit from domination and none of them are moderate recharge group controls like a group immobilize, stun, confuse, fear etc. Hard to make it Dominator friendly without completely changing the nature of the set. Wind Control was pretty close to completion before shutdown. That's probably be the most feasible
  6. Issue 6. Personally I'd view the starting point as Issue 7 cause you're going to be doing Mayhem Missions anyway to unlock contacts. Plus, that adds a couple more powersets for people to choose from. Mastermind Dominator Corruptor Stalker Brute Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Mercenaries Dark Miasmas Earth Control
  7. Ooo you mean a classic villains team? I'd be down!
  8. Next three things I want to try my hands at: Plant/Kin Controller Fire/Nature Corruptor Savage or Psi Melee Stalker. Willpower, Radiation or Bio Armor Secondary. I have some costumes in mind but none of the concepts are fully fleshed out yet.
  9. I hit 12 pretty recently on Medic 2004. I unfortunately couldn't get DOs for everything but boy do they make a difference!
  10. Funny you say that Ill/Traps is uncommon cause I see a ton of 'em on my server. I think its a great combo. Mine plays more actively cause I invested in a lot of attacks with the ice epic pool. Flash -> Ice Storm -> Caltrops is a very fun combination.
  11. especially when compared to getting -jump or -fly
  12. Oh wow this topic finally got some attention! I ended up swapping into Soul Mastery for my Ice/Kin but my point definitely still stands. True. I think that'd be a fair buff.
  13. I made a character for this, Medic 2004. I even entered the "We Have No Issues" base to get some TOs. Lemme know when y'all play and what level you're at so I can join you. Empathy/Energy Blast is an... interesting solo experience.
  14. The number of lore pets at the moment is pretty bewildering but I think adding Coralax and Devouring Earth would make for some meaningful additions. I'm always down for more neutral or elemental themed options.
  15. I usually skip T1 Immobilizes in Control sets. They're great early in the game when you need attacks on your controller but once you get Epic Pools, IOs, Incarnates etc. I usually respec out of them. Would be curious what people would have in mind to make them competitive power choices through the whole game. Revamp old TFs. Yes. Anytime I run Citadel and Numina it all reeks of I0 design a lil too much. By contrast the Penelope Yin TF is fast, fun and even if you're just running it for merits gets its story across pretty well. Citadel on the other hand I feel like I'm just cleaning
  16. Right. So basically enemies related to a giant monster spawn would behave the same way as a giant monster. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Giant_Monster#Vs._Your_Level now as far as like the hellion arson, praetorian riots or troll raves... yeah keep those at their respective level. But like if Caleb or Jack in Irons summons minions why are they locked at 30 or 40 or whatever but the monster isn't?
  17. Literally anything goes with kinetics. If you team with friends they will very much appreciate the speed boost and the massive damage output you'll enable them to have. I'd say Kinetics is far more optimal than sonic resonance just because of its force multiplication capabilities. As far as other set, I'm not entirely sure. Don't know how the other support sets rank against each other but as someone who has a lvl 50 /Kin I know its a very powerful set.
  18. Any kind of lore handwave you make for those you could make for most any of these Giant Monster encounters. Especially I would argue, the ones on the Rouge Isles cause they're almost all (Caleb, Scrapyard, Deathsurge) supernatural entities. Who is to say they aren't lending their strength to the gremlins, the miners, the spectral demons? While one can experience content in a "level appropriate way" most people seem to run as level 50s. Even if they scale a bit you still got Incarnate powers and IOs to overwhelm the opposition. I'd just like it be more meaningful and interesting.
  19. I was doing scrapyard several weeks ago and I thought the addition of strikers to the fray was cool but kind of meaningless on my lvl 50+1 Ice/Kin cause I could lay down a Blizzard and tear them to shreds cause they're 25+ levels lower than me. Similar thing with Deathsurge. What's the point of having like level 15 minions around him when level 50s are just going make them go poof in zero seconds? While I am aware some people like to spawn these to solo even they would appreciate more of a challenge I imagine.
  20. I went for a Spines/Dark Brute and totally forgot to take Oppressive Gloom (i did run the support hybrid tho...), this is what it took me to run it sustainably. It solo'd a +4/x8 Council Radio pretty well. What I find very funny about this is this could be kind of like a min/max build. I notice a lot of top end builds these days don't have too many attacks they're mostly focused on having a lot of toggles (especially fighting) to improve their surviveability.
  21. Psionic Mastery for Controllers has a click mez resist and an armor. I'd imagine you could balance an auto armor and toggle armor. I've been thinking about a Sonic Mastery for Controllers. You'd get Scream, Howl, a toggle armor, a click absorb armor and I can't really think of a fifth power. Maybe a PBAoE. Would be cool though.
  22. True but you can't start in the old Fort Darwin like the old days.
  23. Gravity Control and Electricity Control can pass for a Magnetic Control in their own ways but it would be interesting to make it its own set regardless. A T-1000 kind of armor and melee set. Liquid Metal Melee and Liquid Metal Armor. Might run into the same problems as a whip set or mr fantastic strechy set would though.
  24. I don't think "higher difficulty settings" is something that should be pursued when +4/x8 is essentially the limit. The purple patch, aggro caps and map size prevent you from making mobs either bigger or harder (how are you going to fit a mob of Council fit for 12 in the already cramped office maps?). So like I said in the Incarnates weekly discussion thread the +4/x8 difficulty needs to be more meaningful instead of just adding more minions into the mix. I think the devs should focus on existing balance and creating challenging interesting content for all levels. Making new missio
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