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  1. Expedient Reinforcements has the same recharge bonus for the same number of enhancements if you want to eke the most of those slots.
  2. If I don't have hasten on auto on a character that uses it I would totally forget to use it. As far as Clarion if I am mezzed I know that's when to use it. And considering I only get mezzed on occasion I prefer to have it up on an as needed basis.
  3. Great run tonight folks! I'm really glad we could get Sythestesiatica up to the proper level so she could join us! Here's everyone about to board the tram for our pre-TF mission sesh:
  4. I suggested this for a wider range of zone events a month or so ago so I would definitely support this. A white conning enemy only gets easier as you level but having an enemy con white as opposed to grey makes things a little more interesting.
  5. Oh wait I thought Citadel was the WST but its not. Sister Psyche it is then! And I am good with Friday!
  6. So here's my crack at a classic villain. He's a fire/thermal corruptor: Also are we gonna do Citadel this week?
  7. Team Invisibility is the most complained about power I've ever had lol. I imagine Grant Invisibility with AoE might elicit some similar responses. Still, its hard to keep up single target buff these days. I think this would be worth looking into.
  8. I checked with the super group register redside and there's no registered "we have issues" group. Unlucky 7s is good too but "We have Issues" is also available.
  9. Forgot about that. I pretty much copy pasted an earlier chart of issue 0 power sets and I didn't think to remove it.
  10. Here's all the Issue 7 powersets Mastermind Dominator Corruptor Stalker Brute Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Mercenaries Dark Miasmas Fire Control Energy Assault Assault Rifle Cold Domination Claws Energy Aura Dark Melee Dark Armor
  11. Awesome idea. It may be a lil bit of work though considering how many mission descriptions there are but this is an excellent QoL improvement.
  12. Inherent Stamina and lvl 4 travel powers already free up a lot of choice when it comes to picking powers and I don't see any good reason to make that any easier.
  13. I feel like if you were to modify the aggro cap you'd also have to modify how AoEs work, how defense and resistance works, spawn size and positioning and above all other things, enemy AI. Herding is pretty easy even now so unless you modify the broader game to make even a marginal change in aggro cap interesting I don't really see the point. But, if you disagree, I'd be interested in hearing your particular case.
  14. So the full track of what starts with the villain fanfare? I found this track from Recluse's Victory that sounds close to it (https://archive.paragonwiki.com/w/images//7/76/M1_faded.ogg) the other track is the bank robbing theme which for some reason isn't under the mission themes on the paragon wiki page, even though its the quintessential one. Now that's the one I wish someone had a copy of.
  15. I'm good with either although I'd bump the Friday time from 7pm EST to 7:30pm or 8pm EST
  16. Hm. Sounds like the 17th would work best. Sometime in the evening like 7pm CST?
  17. So it looks like Synapse is almost upon us, what is a good night for everyone? I should be available pretty much every night next week except for Thursday. Also is Sister Psyche a WST too? We have plenty of over +25s too to do that.
  18. Bonus objectives would also be another way. Something like the astral merit challenges in the itrials would be a nice way to spice up taskforces and encourage more thoughtful play. I'm going to echo everyone and say trim old task forces to size. I would also definitely like the Shadow Shard ones to take place only in the shard so they could maybe be co op.
  19. I was hoping we could do a Synapse soon. Most of everyone in the group is now level 15 (or close to) so it should be feasible. I should be pretty available next week to do it.
  20. This is definitely a worthwhile point. MSR is 35-50, ITF is 35-50, Hami is 45-50. If we balance these to 50+1 (or higher) then we greatly limit the number of people who can participate in them. We can make people mad by either leaning into power creep or slowing its growth. Personally I think one of the best things about this game is its inclusiveness and it'd be better if more people in these forms of content had an easier time contributing than not. How would this look for Hami? I'm not entirely sure. But I would lean on the side of looking at the players more than the encounter, although a
  21. Just hit level 22 on Medic. This is how many SOs I could afford: I recall when I ran Villains around i6 or i7 is could barely afford all of my SOs but I think I got a whole stack of 'em. It seems like now you can't just play missions and afford your SOs at level 22, you have to do some market stuff or use reward merits to make up the difference. While I have gotten some nice recipes, salvage and ~100 reward merits on this character I ain't using them yet. This is more interesting to me. It really makes you appreciate character progression. Even just a single SO in any
  22. I think Kinetics. We Siphon Speed off 2020 and use it to run far far away from it. Alternatively we Fulcrum Shift off a whole mob of 2020 and nuke it.
  23. I uh don't play Dominators. I prefer Controllers. But even with Controllers in the span of about 90 seconds or so I will have cast a group immobilize atleast a couple of times. I will have probably cast my hold more though.
  24. That's true but there are plenty more powers in those sets that do benefit from domination (especially cause all of those sets have a group immobilize). Small blemishes in otherwise very congruent sets. The same cannot be said for Illusion Control which is systematically reliant on pets to provide its own unique form of control (best exemplified with Phantom Army). @oedipus_tex is definitely on track with how the set would have to be reworked.
  25. Illusion Control is pretty unique to Controllers I think. There would need to be a lot of retooling to get the set to function with the Dominator archetype. It's a control set with 3 pets and 2 invisibility powers and a high damage attack. This leaves three powers that could benefit from domination and none of them are moderate recharge group controls like a group immobilize, stun, confuse, fear etc. Hard to make it Dominator friendly without completely changing the nature of the set. Wind Control was pretty close to completion before shutdown. That's probably be the most feasible
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