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  1. So I have Electric Shackles for my Ice/Kin Corruptor and I do like the power but I noticed it comes up a little short, even up against the hold in my primary. Let's take a look at the (un enhanced) numbers of some holds available to corruptors: POWER SET HOLD DURATION/RECHARGE SECONDARY EFFECTS FREEZE RAY ICE BLAST 9.54 seconds/10 seconds (9.5/10) = .95 moderate cold damage TESLA CAGE ELECTRIC BLAST 8 seconds/10 seconds (8/10) = .8 minor energy damage, -end
  2. I have an Ice/Kin Corrupter and he scourges with Ice Storm and Blizzard all the time.
  3. I have a Grav/Time and Illusion/Traps Controller and I don't have group travel powers for them. I never need them getting to and from a mission and they can always keep up with the group otherwise. If they aren't usually it means its time to resummon.
  4. I think Bane Spiders could use some love. The animations for the mace blasts could use some chopping. Also Shatter Armor should be able to crit from hide!! I'd also like ranged attacks in the set to crit from hide but that might be asking a bit much.
  5. What Epic/Patron Pools do y'all like for Illusion? I went for Ice and I'm loving it so far. I know a lot of people go for Primal Forces but I don't see the point of power boost on a set that activates all of its control thru pets.
  6. I love Force Bolt. I used that power a lot solo as my force fields Mastermind. I definitely think they need to up the damage to make it a viable attack and maybe add a splash knockdown effect like Propel has now. I never understood Clarity in that set, especially since the Sonic Dispersion Bubble already provides mez protection
  7. That's an interesting one. I thought of a potential redesign of detention field making it a drop click power like Dimension Shift in Gravity Control. Foes would be stuck in the field for 10-20 seconds but could be effected by any player(s) entering the field. Also loving the responses. @The Philotic Knight especially has some really great ideas. I might try my hand at a more total redesign. That's very true. My Mastermind could go all in on Leadership and Medicine because he skipped so many of the powers and that can be a huge strength of "skippable" powers. However that do
  8. I feel Traps has the best synergy. You've definitely made me want to check out Cold Domination and Storm Summoning though.
  9. Force Fields is an interesting set to me. My first level 50 was a Mercs/Force Fields Mastermind. One thing that stuck out to me and that probably sticks out to a lot of people as well is how many powers in Force Fields you can get away with skipping. I feel like most people go with Deflection Field, Insulation Field, Dispersion Bubble, Personal Force Field, Force Bubble and Force Bolt (usually because they have to). Everything else from there I think doesn't suit most people's playstyles or mesh well with how other people play the game (knockback is definitely frowned upon these days).
  10. Incredible write up. Everything seems really compelling now!! The only challenge I have at the moment is making a name and concept for my character.
  11. I had an Illusion Controller on live but this was when leveling was slower (like around pre-I7 slow) and I had trouble getting him up to lvl 18 (when things really kick off). I now feel deeply I want to try and make one again (especially since its an easier ride to get a full attack chain) but I'm curious how other people play their Illusion controllers, what secondaries and epic/patron pools synergize well with Illusion and as with any power sets what to slot and what to drop. Get personal about what you love and hate about them! Maybe even lead me to some builds you like or use.
  12. Banes only get minicrits from hide status on melee attacks unfortunately (do wish I could crit with Disruptor Blast...). After reading these past couple of posts I've decided to save placate for my final power slot just for this reason. I was originally going to get acrobatics but after reading about that one IO I decided it was unnecessary (I also got too many toggles as is). Here's the new build I'm building towards after reading this thread: It seems strong and relatively affordable. I only have a handful of the IO sets so far but I did a mission and even with
  13. Thought they increased the knockback distance, not the magnitude.
  14. Never bothered to put a knockback enhancement in mids (or in game for that matter) before so I didn't realized that knockback enhancements already increased knockback/knockdown magnitude.
  15. Interesting idea but your suggestions seem better suited for procs. For example, a chance for increased knockback or knockdown.
  16. I remember Guardian! I was @GeneralTeknos back then. I mostly played as Sgt. Devon (Mercs/Force Fields), Lythos (Dark Melee/Regen) and Cyclone Cyan (Ninja Blade/Ninjitsu). I'm on Everlasting now and my global is @Future Force Warrior. I definitely see some familiar faces here and I hope to run into y'all someday!
  17. Mez protection and psi resistance definitely seems like a pretty killer app for an APP/PPP. The main thing keeping me from it is the long animation times for the attacks. Like, propel already takes a minute so I want some faster attacks too. That and psionic doesn't necessarily fit with my theming. Ice seems way more tempting now but I definitely feel secure in my decision to do primal forces. Definitely interested in more opinions and experiences with the PPPs.
  18. So what's are the favorite patron and ancillary pools for Controllers? While I do mean this in general (I'm always super interested in what powersets are consider "the best") I'm also looking for a specific pool that will vibe well with my Gravity/Time Manipulation Controller. This build is a rough outline and a bit fantasy (probably don't have the dedication to get all those IO sets) but these are the powers I'm hoping to pick up. As far as what I am considering here it what I am considering: Fire Mastery Ice Mastery Primal Forces Mastery Mu Mastery Soul Master
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