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Weirdness with "Preemptive Optimization" prices


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This is one of the new sets I believe.  So I found a few and wanted to sell them...looking at the Last 5 prices was confusing.  For days and days, there were sales for 1 and 1.1 million interspersed with sales for 10 and 11 million.  It looked like "extra zero" typos, but it kept happening.  I decided to hold on and not sell.  Finally it settled down to 1-1.1 million this weekend.  Figuring I'd missed out on the freak overpayments, I listed one for around 1 million...and this morning it cleared for 10 million.  The Last 5:  11.1 mil, 1.5 mil, 11.5 mil, 0.5 mil, 11.5 mil, all today.  Is there something I'm not getting about this buying behavior or this set, generally?

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I played around with this when it was first released, and mostly rejected it.  It's similar to Efficiency Adaptor, but clutters up the End Mod 21-50 range when you are looking for Performance Shifters.


But specifically to your concern, this is almost certainly due to the notorious display bug.  I took a look a few minutes ago and found the following two listings:






I don't think either of these displays are true, and certainly don't represent where you should expect to buy or sell these.  

Who run Bartertown?


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3 hours ago, Crysis said:

Yeah no way this is real.....

That one can probably be explained by someone just adding an extra zero to a purchase order. I've bought several of those recently for 5.5 million so adding a zero to that would get the results you posted. I don't think I've ever noticed what I would consider display bug issues with LoTG: Global Recharge and given the market traffic associated with that particular enhancement I have a feeling it would have been widely reported if it was buggy.


To the OP's issue, here is some light reading on the matter:



When the new sets hit the test server I was gathering info about the recipe components and noticed the display bug was impacting a few of the enhancements/recipes, including the Preemptive Optimization: EndMod/EndRed enhancement posted above. I posted a couple of screenshots towards the end of that thread I linked. I'd guess that that Preemptive Optimization: EndMod/EndRed is sharing pricing history with a recipe.

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Ah Basilisk's Gaze, my old friend! I see the 'Last 5' display bug in plenty of places, but this is the single place where it 'bugs' me more than any other. This is not a niche where I typically work, but the 2, 3 & 4-piece bonuses are so good that these should always fetch 2M+, no matter what the bug (or cheapskates) say!!



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