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On 6/17/2020 at 2:52 AM, Bierfuizl said:

Is there any way to show set bonus similar to the in-game power window?




I've clicked through the menu but wasn't able to find a comparable listing in Mid's.


Unfortunately no. It certainly would be an enhancement to the program that we'd like to incorporate, but I don't expect it to get attention anytime soon.

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The one thing I believe we are missing, which I discussed with the team last night, is something that emulates the in-game itemized display of each item contributing to a bonus. While you can piece it together yourself, we have no actual itemized summary.


Unfortunately, working with the interface is just as clunky as the code itself, due to its age. Something like this is very low priority compared to the other work we still need to do, so it's likely this would be a feature in a successor project.


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