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Adding Wind Control to the game?

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Given it was one of the sets the original devs were working on before shutdown, I would assume there are plans to finish it eventually. A couple of other servers already have, and their versions show the problem with finishing it. Wind Control as it was left exists only as power definitions, with no proper visual effects attached. So either new effects need to be made, or old effects need to be reused. Most of the new sets here were made the latter way but given Wind Control isn't one of them, I suspect our devs are waiting until they have the time and/or ability to make proper effects for it. And I don't know offhand if anyone has figured out making completely new visual effects yet.


That's speculation on my part but it seems the likely explanation for why we haven't got it yet.

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On 7/4/2020 at 1:05 AM, DreamingLove said:

Where should I post this? Seemed like the best spot.

I think here is the best place it's just.... Don't get your hopes up for any kind of Official Word-of-Developers answer. 


In the last 13 months, I've only seen the Devs announce completed work as they release it in patch notes. 

I have not seen them formally promise anything in advance of it being completed.

They do open some weekly discussion threads to solicit feedback and opinions, but again, those ares still not a formal Q&A with any kind of promised list of items.


To be clear, I agree with their approach 100%. Promise anything before it's known to be doable and there's holy hell to pay if it turns out it's not feasible.  And this isn't their full time job, they're working on this as a labor of love while still holding down day jobs, while still dealing with family and social obligations like anytone else.  It doesn't make sense to pre-promise anything under those conditions.  They have surprised me with the amount of work they've churned out thus far though, including making the switch to a 64-bit mode, and lots of other "for the long haul" items, as well as the newer powersets, etc.

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