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Can we change the behavior of the badge window regarding setting your badge title? Rather than just clicking on the badge setting your title, I'd like it to change to clicking on the badge to select it, then hitting a button to actually set the title; the button can be placed right next to the Clear Badge Title button at the bottom of the window. Every time I open the badge window I get anxious that I'm going to misclick and change my badge title, then have to dig through the list of badges to find the one I actually want to have as my title again.

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I like this suggestion, and used to have the same anxiety about accidentally changing the badge title (which I ended up doing countless times). In the meantime, I made a keybind for my favorite title using the /settitle command along with the appropriate ID number that looks like: /bind <key_name> "settitle <ID number>". There is a list of all settitle IDs on the wiki. Now if I accidentally change it, I can restore it with a keypress.

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