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Start policing your community.

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I've now left, period, But your community is the most toxic I've ever been a part of. And you all can do shit about it. Want to get away from an IP ban? just start up a VPN, you can't block by Mac address header either, I can change that with a few keystrokes. So what's the solution? Just let it burn. Without some stakes to losing your account (monetary, etc), nobody cares, even if they get banned and lose an account, they can have everything they had before within 8 hours, or they just make throwaway accounts.

A few weeks ago, I come back to help a friend out with an event, the next day I'm getting sent this shit. 


with the transphobic comment at the end. This place is a cesspool. And if these people follow me elsewhere I will be making a report to the FBI, because at that point, it rises to the level of federal stalking. 

STreaming's allowed now, but so is abuse of others. Picking on sick people, people with sick kids, etc. I hope they're *really* fucking proud of themselves, and I hope Tempest is proud of his enabling of it. 

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If you read a bio that you feel is offensive-because-of-ignorance, you can consider striking up a conversation with that person, to perhaps educate them. Or you can ignore tham and move on.  If you read a bio that you feel is entirely 100% deliberately offensive, and knows darn well what they're doing and are TRYING to offend, you should /petition to report it. 


I will say that I read a lot of character info pages. I ninja-inspect most people I encounter on teams, or next to the Black Market, or standing near a trainer. 

  • Most people have no character biography at all. 
  • When they do, most are short and have a couple lines for concept, no more. 
  • Very rarely, I'll encounter a great one, and I always send them a congratulating tell.
  • I  think maybe 3-4 times, ever, grand total, in two years, have I see one that I actually considered truly offensive / abominable.
  • General Chat does seem to contain a moderate contingent of folks who's political viewpoints clash with my own, and from time to time, some completely ignore the "please no politics" admonition.  But it's been reasonably good these past few months, that I recall, anyway. 

But compare all of this to WoW?  Or Blizzard Forums? Reddits? 

Homecoming has the least toxic crowd community for any MMO that I've ever played. 

I think I'd have to dig for forums and websites dedicated to single-player games (Civ Fanatics, etc) to find a less toxic gaming community.


I accept that perhaps I've just been really lucky or the OP has been spectularly unlucky, but.... I'm not... I don't encounter this kind of problem.

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I definitely don't think CoH is worse than most online games, but I absolutely have noticed some casual transphobia in various chats. D;

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Gah, double "definitely" in a sentence.
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Im not sure how to help.  Report their bio and put them on ignore.  Some players add a note and 1 star them so they know when alts of crappy players are around.  Im not sure how they forced you to read a bio though...

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  • Homecoming Team
  1. Report things you see. We receive and action reports like this all the time. If this had been reported, it would've been actioned. 
  2. We also see complaints from people that we don't do anything - and usually those people have never sent any reports.
  3. If you don't report it, we won't be aware of it, and nothing will happen.
  4. If we do take any action, you will not be informed. Anything that occurs after the report is between us and the reported player.
  5. Just because you aren't informed, it doesn't mean no action has been taken.
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